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What do stores do with unsold merchandise?

Mar 10, 2014
What is this "donate" you speak of?
Posted In: big box stores, Wal-Mart, Walgreens

Why do gas prices end in 9/10 of a cent?

Feb 24, 2014
...and everything else you've ever wondered about gas stations.
Posted In: gas, gas stations

9 ways to save on rental cars

Feb 10, 2014
In sum: it never hurts to ask.
Posted In: rental car

How do rental car companies make money?

Feb 10, 2014
And seriously, what's with those key chains you can't take apart?
Posted In: rental car, cars, Hertz

Who's Gideon?

Jan 27, 2014
And why does he leave Bibles in my hotel rooms?
Posted In: hotels, Christianity, Bibles

Why do luxury hotels charge for Wi-Fi, but cheap hotels don't?

Jan 27, 2014
Why do you pay more to get... less?
Posted In: hotels, listener questions, wifi

Why does my zipper say YKK?

Jan 13, 2014
Next time you zip up, or zip down, check out your zipper. There’s a good chance it’ll say YKK.
Posted In: YKK, zipper

10 amazing zipper facts you didn't know you wanted to know

Jan 13, 2014
Important things you need to know about the $8 billion zipper industry.
Posted In: zipper, YKK

I've Always Wondered...

Dec 20, 2013
We're starting a new series in January about life's little business & economics conundrums. What have you always wondered about?


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