Dan is a sustainability reporter for Marketplace.  He has produced multimedia and radio features for WBEZ, NPR, BBC World Service and other public-media outlets. 


Features by Dan Weissmann

A house at 98th and Damen in Chicago was taken over illegally. Local experts blame the fumbling of financial institutions for the continuing problem of vacant homes.

Here's one reason bank-owned homes sit vacant

Banks take too long to complete foreclosures, leaving houses vacant and vulnerable
Posted In: Housing, financial crisis, mortgage crisis
11220 Longwood Drive, seen via Google Street View, sits next to a mansion.

'Zombie' homes give Chicago operators an opportunity

Properties in nice areas are still up for grabs 7 years after the mortgage crisis.
Posted In: foreclosures, Chicago, foreclosed homes, housing market
Macy's flagship store in New York.

"What's a department store, Dad?"

The street-side retailers lost their cultural dominance; now they're losing sales.
Posted In: shopping, consumer behavior, consumers, department stores

Harsh cuts don't fix Chicago's school budget

It's a billion dollars short, and the district's debt is piling up.
Posted In: Chicago, public schools, graduation rates
Jon Stewart covering the midterm elections in Austin, Texas. Though many political junkies are upset over Stewart's plans to step down, publishers have also said they'll miss him because of the platform "The Daily Show" provided to writers.

You know who will miss Jon Stewart? Publishers.

Who will interview writers — and boost sales — when he leaves "The Daily Show"?
Posted In: The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, publishing

Post cigarettes, CVS looks to grow as a health company

The company bought a pharmacy supplier and took over drugs for Target.
Posted In: CVS, shares, corporate strategy
Employees of German car maker BMW work on an assembly line for BMW cars at the company's plant in Munich, southern Germany, in 2014.

How leasing boosted the auto industry

Consumers end up back in the market two or three years later.
Posted In: auto industry, auto sales, car manufacturing

The housing market is back — except where it's not

In some cities, lots of homeowners remain underwater.
Posted In: Housing, homeowners, underwater
Rising tuition means higher debt burdens for students, but the job market remains weak, especially for students from lower-tier schools.

Should law schools pay if students don't get jobs?

Tuition and debt keep rising. Grads from non-elite schools face a weak market.
Posted In: Legal education, federal student loans, Law, loan student debt


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