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CBS teams with Pontiac on 'micro-series'

Jan 23, 2006
Today the network debuts a new type of advertising in which serial TV and the 60-second ad spot become one. Tess Vigeland breaks it down.

New diet drug

Jan 23, 2006
A diet drug, now available only by prescription, could soon be on store shelves if it wins approval from FDA, which takes up the issue today. Andrea Gardner has more.
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The Job Files: Park Keeper

Jan 20, 2006
Today's installment of the job files looks at Ken Mitchell, who maintains the skating rinks for Minneapolis' city parks.

What's in a name?

Jan 20, 2006
Many young actors in Britain are steering clear of the country's actors union because they've already invested too much in marketing themselves under their own names. Ashely Milne-Tyte reports.

I want my ESPN

Jan 20, 2006
Some lawmakers are balking at "family-friendly" packages of TV programming that cable companies and others are offering, because they don't include sports channels. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Canadian healthcare refugees

Jan 17, 2006
Everyone knows Canada provides free healthcare to all its citizens. So why are a growing number of Canadians coming to the US for medical attention? Steve McNally has the answer.
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The Golden Globes

Jan 16, 2006
The big studios got spurned this award season, as indie films swept the nominations for the Golden Globe Awards. What would a win mean economically for a film that doesn't necessarily have mass appeal? Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

Universal flu vaccine

Jan 16, 2006
Helen Palmer reports on the race among drug companies to find a universal flu vaccine to treat a possible outbreak of avian flu.
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"Day in the Work Life": E-Tailer

Jan 13, 2006
On this week's "A Day In the Work Life" -- our look at how folks trade their time for money -- we go online with a CEO who's firing up China's digital revolution.
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The Color of Money: Yuan

Jan 13, 2006
Communist ideology might be passé in China. But communist imagery hasn't disappeared. On the latest installment of "the Color of Money" -- our occasional series examining banknote design from around the world -- Ruth Kirchner reports the revolution lives on the Yuan -- the Chinese currency.