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Understanding health savings accounts

Jan 31, 2006
President Bush expects to make health saving accounts a highlight of his State of the Union speech tonight. But how exactly do they work at the consumer level? Helen Palmer has the details.
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"Day in the Work Life": Curl Catcher

Jan 28, 2006
On this week's "A Day In the Work Life" -- our look at how folks trade their time for money -- we ride the waves with a surf instructor.
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<em>Money Magazine</em>: Money Madness

Jan 28, 2006
Is money as addictive as drugs? It just might be. Ellen McGirt from <em>Money Magazine</em> talks about a new way of looking at economics and behavior.
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Hollywood upended

Jan 27, 2006
Daily Variety editor Michael Speier reviews the impact of this week's blockbuster Hollywood mergers with Lisa Napoli.

SNL product placement skit

Jan 27, 2006
Product placement is everywhere these days. It's even turned up in a popular skit on Saturday Night Live. But was it intentional, or just comedy? Ethan Lindsey takes a look.

Hollywood on the "Bubble"

Jan 27, 2006
Today's release of the low-budget thriller "Bubble" has Hollywood holding its breath. As Rachel Dornhelm reports, the film could very well change how movies are distributed.

Health Savings Accounts

Jan 27, 2006
President Bush is expected to make health savings accounts the centerpiece of his healthcare reform proposals. New numbers out yesterday indicate a three-fold increase in enrollment in similar programs over the past 10 months. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Super Detroit

Jan 26, 2006
Business of sports expert David Carter tells host Lisa Napoli what holding the Super Bowl in chilly Detroit could mean for revenues generated from this year's Big Dance.
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Jan 25, 2006
So the Mouse has snapped up the wildly successful Pixar animation house. But did it pay too much to reclaim its position as king of the cartoon? Bob Moon takes a look.

Casting a wider net

Jan 24, 2006
First there was UPN and The WB. Now, there will be The CW. Today, the two struggling TV networks announced a merger. Tess Vigeland has the story.