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Why can't L.A. get a team?

Nov 9, 2006
Host Mark Austin Thomas talks to business of sports expert David Carter about why pro football may never return to Los Angeles.
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Stem-cell research finds a home in Missouri

Nov 8, 2006
<strong>WEB EXTRA:</strong> Missouri voters on Tuesday approved expanding stem-cell research. The Show Me State plans to show the world it can be a stem-cell center. Helen Palmer reports.
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Another case of pretexting

Nov 8, 2006
Allied Capital is the latest company accused of having investigators impersonate its most vocal critics to access their phone records. Is this just the way companies do business these days? Alisa Roth reports.
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Funding stem cell research

Nov 8, 2006
Despite the outcome of Tuesday's ballot initiative in Missouri, the debate over embryonic stem cell research isn't likely to end soon. Meantime, funding for the research continues to grow. Helen Palmer reports.
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Selling bonds to save lives

Nov 7, 2006
Celebrities, investors and even the Pope were among the first to buy a new type of bond in London today as part of an innovative vaccination program for the developing world. But the U.S. isn't taking part, Stephen Beard reports.
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Liquid ban with a Twin Cities twist

Nov 7, 2006
Commentator and travel expert Rudy Maxa found out the hard way that some cabs in his Minnesota hometown have their own set of restrictions for your carry-on bags: No alcohol allowed.
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Art market on fire

Nov 7, 2006
It's an important week for art collectors and dealers. Sotheby's big fall auction is tonight. Christie's is tomorrow. They expect to see record transactions &mdash; and record profits, Alisa Roth reports.

House of Blues . . . sold

Nov 7, 2006
The venue known for its cry of "Unity in Diversity" has given way to the forces of consolidation. The last major holdout in the live events industry sold for $354 million &mdash; probably bad news for bands and concertgoers. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
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Record auctions expected

Nov 7, 2006
New York's two biggest auction houses could witness record transactions over the next two days thanks to a red-hot art market. Alisa Roth reports.
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Pollsters hanging up their headsets

Nov 6, 2006
There are almost 150 million phone numbers on the National Do Not Call registry. That's sent a lot of pollsters to the Internet &mdash; but how accurate are online surveys? Sally Herships has the stats on market research.