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Booyah! . . . oops

Mar 20, 2007
Jim Cramer, host of CNBC's Mad Money and the former manager of a successful hedge fund, is known for having a big mouth. And in a recent interview he may have said too much.
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On guard against big pharma's lobbying efforts

Mar 19, 2007
Merck's state-lobbying campaign to make their cervical cancer vaccination mandatory in schools has faced strong resistance. Backlash comes despite the fact that Gardasil has been proven very effective against the disease. Pat Loeb reports.
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Qwesting for a way to avoid jail

Mar 19, 2007
Former Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio is on trial for charges of selling off $100 million in stocks on insider tips. Amy Scott looks into his defense strategy.
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In Colombia, it pays to be protected

Mar 19, 2007
Chiquita pleaded guilty to paying paramilitary groups to protect its business in Colombia. But the banana producer isn't alone in paying for protection. Dan Grech reports.
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Rocky Mountain insider-trading trial

Mar 19, 2007
Former Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio goes on trial today in Denver on charges of insider trading. Nacchio profited mightily before the telecom giant's stock collapsed. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Mailbag for Friday, March 16, 2007

Mar 16, 2007
Our economics editor Chris Farrell answers your burning money questions. This week, advice on helping a family member with mortgage payments, using wage insurance, and dealing with identity theft.

The cost of staying grounded

Mar 16, 2007
Airlines cancelled hundreds of flights today because of ugly weather forecasts in the Northeast. Alisa Roth reports that it might not have been the wisest economic decision.
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Selling Afghanistan

Mar 16, 2007
An entrepreneur in Kabul says claims by the U.S. and Afghan governments that the country is ready for business investment are laughable — that crime and corruption there are still on par with the Wild West.
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Save the poppies

Mar 16, 2007
Afghanistan's poppies already supply over 90 of the world's heroin, and this year's crop is huge. The U.S. wants to destroy the poppy fields, but some folks think they have a better idea.
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Building an Olympic edge

Mar 16, 2007
U.S. officials decide a month from now whether Los Angeles or Chicago gets to move forward with America's bid to host the 2016 Olympics. Both cities insist they'll make money on the deal, but one may face much less financial risk.
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