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Can controversy save Berlin's opera?

Dec 19, 2006
Berlin's opera house was packed last night for the long-awaited "Idomeneo." It was canceled in September after threats from Islamic fundamentalists, but all the extra publicity could help bring back some much-needed funding, Ethan Lindsey reports.
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Putting eBay to the test

Dec 19, 2006
Cash Peters heads off to eBay U, where it doesn't take long for him to learn that you <i>can</i> sell anything online.
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Goodbye VHS, farewell fair use

Dec 19, 2006
As VHS tapes and VCRs head the way of Betamax and phonographs, commentator Bill Hammack warns that the right to fair use is in danger of disappearing right along with them.

Small airlines fly under the merger radar

Dec 19, 2006
There's been plenty of talk about big airline mergers and takeovers lately &mdash; so why aren't legacy carriers going after the smaller, money-making airlines? Jason Paur reports.
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Driving down the price of drugs

Dec 18, 2006
Private companies aren't the only ones putting pressure on drugmakers to lower prescription prices. This morning the Bush administration will offer its own proposal. Dan Grech reports.
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Day in the Work Life: The silent treatment

Dec 15, 2006
On this week's 'A Day In the Work Life' -- our regular look at how folks trade time for money -- we pick up signs from a mime.

Golden Globes surprises

Dec 15, 2006
The 64th Golden Globes nominees were announced yesterday. Host Doug Krizner asks Variety senior editor Stuart Levine about the highlights and whether those nods easily convert to dollars.
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Almost 10 hours a day

Dec 15, 2006
Americans now spend 9.5 hours a day consuming some form of media according to new data from the Census Bureau. The numbers keep going up &mdash; but the mix is changing. Dan Grech has details.

Motorists sue over gas temperature

Dec 15, 2006
When you heat a liquid, it expands. No big surprise there. But when that liquid is gasoline, billions ride on this simple scientific truth. $2 billion, to be exact. Dan Grech explains how warm gas has led to some hot consumers.
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Red Sox put big money on <nobr>'Dice K'</nobr>

Dec 14, 2006
The Boston Red Sox signed Japanese pitching phenom Daisuke Matsuzaka to a reported $52 million contract &mdash; after paying $51 million just to negotiate. Boston business thinks it's money well spent. Curt Nickisch reports.
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