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PODCAST: Raising the minimum wage, state by state

Nov 6, 2014
Record low interest rates in Europe, raising the minimum wage, and profitable podcasts.

PODCAST: The number to watch besides unemployment

Nov 5, 2014
Election results, and the jobs number for October.

PODCAST: Death of a death-industry

Nov 4, 2014
Oil prices drop, a report on Dell, and America's funeral parlors.

PODCAST: The energy of the midterm elections

Nov 3, 2014
The markets this Monday, focusing on energy ahead of elections, and McDonalds gets regional.

PODCAST: Let's go to the movies

Oct 31, 2014
Japan's surprise stimulus, movie theaters flail, and the possibilities of midterm elections.
A joystick for the personal entertainment systems is shown on the United Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner at Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, Calif.

PODCAST: Bring your own device

Oct 30, 2014
GDP growth, Tim Cook's announcement, and in-flight entertainment on your device.

PODCAST: A car-sized smartphone

Oct 29, 2014
The end of stimulus, more jobs for new grads, and cars get smarter.

Why hair oil from Morocco costs a small fortune

Oct 29, 2014
Used to be we wanted to remove any trace of oil from our bodies. Not anymore.
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PODCAST: The NBA banks major net gains

Oct 28, 2014
Paying for YouTube, paying for the NBA, and paying for knocking on doors.

Delia Ephron: "Nora always said we shared half a brain"

Oct 27, 2014
The author and screenwriter shares a few of her numerical neuroses.
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