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Bars step up to head off sexual assaults

Mar 13, 2015
Some bars around the country are training staff in preventing rape and harassment.
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PODCAST: Party for parity

Mar 10, 2015
Party for parity, Goldman Sachs' failing grade, and grads in the high-tech industry.

PODCAST: A six year bull market

Mar 9, 2015
A six year bull market, robots choosing sponsored ads, and today's job market.

PODCAST: The jobs report for February

Mar 6, 2015
A strong jobs report for February, and the combining of personal values with investment portfolios.
A statue-like euro logo stands in front of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

PODCAST: ECB bond buying

Mar 5, 2015
The ECB begins more bond buying, the DOJ reports on the Ferguson Police Department, and how the labor market and productivity relate.

PODCAST: A forecast to Friday's Jobs Report

Mar 4, 2015
Looking ahead to the jobs report, Ukraine's interest rates, and the rise of gas prices.