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Putting a price on your pet's health

Feb 17, 2012
The price of looking after your pet is rising as far and fast as the cost of human healthcare. Gregory Warner reports on why we are willing to pay so much for our animals.
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Suze debuts new show, new card

Jan 13, 2012
Financial adviser Suze Orman rolled out a new TV show and debit card this week. She discusses the controversial new card and why it could be her swan song.
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Giving a big chunk of it away

Jan 1, 2010
The Fifty Percent League is made up of people who believe it's their moral obligation to give away as much of their money as they can. Lisa Napoli looks at what inspires these folks to engage in "extreme giving."
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The pros and cons of required 401Ks

Aug 3, 2009
President Obama is considering a plan that would require companies to open up and contribute to 401ks for their employees. Kai Ryssdal talks with Duke professor and behavioral economist Dan Ariely about why Americans have such a hard time saving money.
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A degree in hand, but a slow start up the career ladder

Mar 28, 2014
College graduates who started careers recently are having a hard time finding a good job.
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Yard sale or online auction: The best way to get cash for clutter

Jul 5, 2013
Summer is the perfect time to get rid of your unwanted items, but is it more lucrative to sell stuff online or at a traditional a yard sale?
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Helping seniors downsize their belongings

Mar 10, 2011
After decades of living, you end up with a lot of stuff. "Senior movers" help confront the mess when seniors decide to downsize and move to a smaller home or a senior living community.
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Some retirees living from Social Security check to Social Security check

Aug 13, 2010
Nearly 15 percent of retirees depend on a Social Security check as their sole source of income. Reporter Peter O'Dowd talks to seniors in Arizona about getting by with just Social Security.
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A reactor to make nuclear affordable

Mar 8, 2010
President Obama is trying to give nuclear power a new lease on life, but one of its biggest drawbacks is its multibillion-dollar price tag. Sarah Gardner reports on new "mini-nukes" that could help.
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Taylor Bean and Whitaker

Sep 30, 2009
Question: My mortgage is through Taylor Bean and Whitaker which has just been implicated in a fraud scandal, (which made headlines in August.) When...
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