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Accessible hedge funds are here

Jul 24, 2006
A Swiss firm that invests in hedge funds began trading today on the London Stock Exchange, a move that gives rank-and-file investors access to the ultra-risky investments. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Money Matters: Unconventional financial wisdom

Jul 21, 2006
Can mating patterns of female guppies help you succeed on Wall Street? Author Michael Mauboussin's new book finds financial wisdom in some unconventional places. He sits down with Kai for a conversation.

Women, save for retirement!

Jul 21, 2006
Women tend to live longer then men. That makes retirement savings even more important. USA Today's Sandra Block tells us what women can do to prepare for their golden years.
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Dell's profits crash

Jul 21, 2006
The Texas computer maker said today that its profits may fall as much as 30% due to slowing computer sales. Is the PC market poised for a swan dive? Amy Scott takes a look.
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SEC, prosecutors file stock-option charges

Jul 20, 2006
Brocade Communications, a Silicon Valley company you've probably never heard of, has become Exhibit A in the backdated stock option scandal. The company's former CEO was hit with civil and criminal charges today. John Dimsdale reports.
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Money Matters: A musical investment

Jul 14, 2006
There's a new "it" investment that's hitting all the right chords on the market. Kai talks with guitar expert George Gruhn about collecting vintage instruments.
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Week on Wall Street

Jul 14, 2006
Stockbroker David Johnson talks with host Kai Ryssdal about the week on Wall Street and what may be in store for the markets to come.
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Japanese economy turns a corner

Jul 13, 2006
The Bank of Japan is expected to raise interest rates for the first time in six years. Personal finance expert Chris Farrell and host Scott Jagow talk about why that matters to Americans.
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How does Buffett do it?

Jul 10, 2006
Personal finance expert Chris Farrell and host Scott Jagow look at the dizzying success Warren Buffett has had as an investor and why he's so tough to copy.
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Money Matters: The insurance maze

Jul 7, 2006
Insurance companies know everything about your previous claims -- another reason it's important to read the fine print of your homeowner's insurance policy. Kai talks with author and personal finance expert Kimberly Lankford.