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Cap-and-trade could reach households

Apr 22, 2009
The House will spend its Earth Day debating a plan to limit greenhouse gases. One proposal is a cap-and trade program that would drive 80 percent emissions reduction over 40 years, with costs passed onto households. Jennifer Collins reports.

Farmers yield new ideas from drought

Apr 20, 2009
Cheap and consistent water turned California's Central Valley from an arid region into a productive farming community. But a serious drought is forcing farmers to evolve. Jennifer Collins reports.

Ex-criminals give lives solar power

Apr 20, 2009
A Los Angeles gang-prevention program helps give ex-gang members new direction by teaching them how to install solar panels. The program provides hope for ex-criminals, even in a tough job market. Caitlan Carroll reports.

Battle over greenhouse gas regulation

Apr 17, 2009
The Environmental Protection Agency has ruled that greenhouse gases pose a threat to public safety, which could lead to sweeping regulations across several industries. Business groups want Congress to legislate greenhouse gas emissions instead. Steve Henn reports.

New report: Greenwash grows in a bad economy

Apr 15, 2009
(Images via Terrachoice) Greenwashing is up an average of 79% since 2007 (a rare expanding economic sector these days). Apparently, companies h...
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Eco-Christians are wary of carbon sin

Apr 10, 2009
A group of Christians staying vigilant over their carbon footprint for Lent is just one example of what the religious sect is doing to stay conscious of their eco-impact. Jennifer Collins reports on the effectiveness of a carbon fast.

Nature's Source feels so natural naturally - did I mention natural?

Apr 9, 2009
Ever wonder what "natural" means? S.C. Johnson just released a line of new cleaning products called Natures Source (tm) and in the company's press...
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Washingtonians sneaky to be squeaky

Apr 7, 2009
Residents of Spokane County, Washington are at odds with a county-wide ban on phosphates, which are bad for the environment but tough on grease in household products. Jennifer Collins explores the lengths some will go to get their dishes clean.

Green schemes for U.S. power projects

Apr 6, 2009
National Grid, the U.S.'s second-largest electricity supplier, is angling for some U.S. stimulus money and using green energy projects as its pull. Stephen Beard reports on the company's pilot scheme.

Get foolish about climate change

Apr 1, 2009
Environmentalists in the U.K.'s Together campaign spend most of their time spreading the word about the dangers of climate change. But for April 1, they're reveling in the joys of energy wasting. Caitlan Carroll explains.