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Shell gets a greenwash smackdown

May 9, 2008 reports that greenwash complaints in the U.K. quadrupled last year....
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Secret ingredient? A cheaper substitute

May 9, 2008
Across the country food manufacturers are struggling to handle rising costs, all the while trying to avoid raising prices. Their choices are changing the way some household food items are being made. Sam Eaton reports.

Corporate giants get fat on food crisis

May 8, 2008
In our continuing series, "Food Fight," we look at the profitable side of the global food crisis. Sarah Gardner reports on the big agribusiness firms that are breaking earnings records as everything from grains to soybeans skyrockets.

China's appetite is gobbling up supplies

May 7, 2008
Bad harvests, bad weather, bio-fuel policy.... They could all conceivably turn around. But over the long term there's one big unknown we can't really control: the growing collective appetite of China's 1.3 billion people. Scott Tong reports.

Food shortages not going away soon

May 7, 2008
Agricultural economists have been saying for years that we were due for a global food crisis. Still, for most of us, the current worldwide spike in food commodity prices has come from out of the blue. Today, Kai Ryssdal begins our special series, "Food Fight."

Survey: Businesses getting greener

May 7, 2008
Businesses are taking notice of their customers' interest in fighting global warming.'s annual scorecard shows 84% of 56 major companies are more environmentally friendly than last year. John Dimsdale reports from Washington.

The limits of locally grown food

May 6, 2008
Locally grown food is high on many shopping lists, but if you are an institutional kitchen that serves, say, 10,000, you might have problems with supply. Peter Crimmins reports on locally grown food and economies of scale.

Seventh Generation's greenwashing trifecta

May 5, 2008
The Greenwash Brigade responds to Jeffrey Hollender's interview with Marketplace's Sarah Gardner. Check back with the blog throughout the day as...
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Hollender's rules on being green

May 5, 2008
Jeffrey Hollender is the outspoken CEO of Seventh Generation, maker of non-toxic household products. How does he judge whether a company is truly green? Sarah Gardner caught up with him recently to ask just that question.

West's main water source getting drier

Apr 30, 2008
Spring has been coming earlier and earlier in the Rocky Mountains for the past decade. And while this year has been a bumper crop for snow, scientists and farmers are worried about a dry, long-term trend. Peter O'Dowd reports.