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"Location, location, location" - a message lost on Warm Springs Tribes

Jul 27, 2008
Planners at The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs don't seem to be familiar with the well-known marketing mantra: location, location, location....
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Shark fin soup flips population

Jul 25, 2008
Yesterday, the federal government tightened regulations meant to discourage killing of sharks in the Gulf and Atlantic just for their fins. Steve Henn reports shark fin soup is one big culprit for hunting of the species.

Is KB Home commiting a "random act of greenness"?

Jul 25, 2008
Joel Makower reflects upon the evolving definition of greenwash in a recent post titled, "How Bad is Greenwashing, Really?" He explains how...
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"Up to 70% recycled content"

Jul 24, 2008
Thanks to Corporate Climate Response News, I learned that the FTC is still on the trail of greenwashing, and heard about a stellar example of...
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Water infrastructure is big business

Jul 23, 2008
American cities will need to invest more than $250 billion to update their water systems in the next 20 years. Steve Henn reports private equity investors and major corporations have notice of the water business.

For cars, green's the way to go

Jul 22, 2008
One of Europe's top auto shows opens in London today. Green is the theme, but red is the dominate color, as Marketplace's Stephen Beard reports.

Clothes lines: Energy savers or eyesores?

Jul 22, 2008
Outdoor clothes drying racks save energy and money, but try convincing homeowners' associations in the U.S. that they're not just an eyesore. One Australian company is accepting the challenge. Joel Rose reports.

An oil man who gets the energy big picture

Jul 19, 2008
Texas billionaire T. Boone Pickens is helping to spur the renewable energy revolution our country and the world need....
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EPA stalls on emission controls

Jul 11, 2008
The Supreme Court has told the Environmental Protection Agency it has the authority to impose regulations on emissions with the Clean Air Act. But, under White House pressure, the agency announced a different plan. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

A new home for C02 beneath your feet

Jul 11, 2008
A Canadian company plans to build a pipeline underground that can pump millions of tons of C02 a year, which would capture and store the carbon dioxide emissions. Sam Eaton reports why it may or may not work.