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A Wordle for your thoughts?

Feb 4, 2009
Hi everyone -- I'm Jo, and I hide behind the scenes most of the time here. I've been thinking about the topics we cover on the Greenwash Brigade,...
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Teaching climate change or a Sharp sales technique?

Feb 3, 2009
(Photo credit: Jared Flesher, New York Times' Green Inc. blog) As a former teacher, this Green Inc. article caught my interest and raised a red ...
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Climate program helps nations go green

Jan 30, 2009
The World Bank has selected eight developing nations to receive $500 million to help them adapt to global warming. If the climate adaptation program goes well it could play a pivotal role in developing a new global climate deal. Sam Eaton reports.

EU pushes for global climate change

Jan 28, 2009
The European Union is proposing to pay poor countries to get them to sign a climate change pact that will reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Will the money be enough of an incentive? Sam Eaton reports.

Climate envoy could help change policy

Jan 28, 2009
President Obama's appointment of a top climate negotiator marks a change from the Bush administration. But the former president and new climate envoy have some things in common. Sam Eaton reports.

Making green sexy?

Jan 26, 2009
Here at the Greenwash Brigade, we recently received a press release titled "Making Green Sexy," about a LEED certified mega mansion in Florida...
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99% natural and 42% market share, GreenWorks flexes its muscle

Jan 23, 2009
Greenworks (tm) cleaning products have now captured a robust 42% of the consumer cleaning products market despite consternation over Clorox's...
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Washington will help clean tech boom

Jan 21, 2009
Clean energy initiatives are still attracting investors, but oil is no longer in the driver's seat as prices remain low. Sam Eaton reports why policymakers are important for the clean tech industry now.

Congress is facing the carbon question

Jan 15, 2009
A coalition of corporate executives and environmentalists wants Congress to pass a bill that would cut CO2 emissions significantly. Sam Eaton reports why corporations want the carbon question answered soon.

Living within your means as a choice

Jan 13, 2009
When Commentator Joe Bevilacqua lost his six-figure job, he left the city lifestyle and went to live with his wife in the Catskills. Since then, they have made due with what they've had, and have lived richly.