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Shipping industry set for C02 regulation

Jul 15, 2009
A U.N.-sponsored is working to reduce the swelling carbon footprint of the shipping industry. Global shipping produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all of Germany, but carbon emissions have gone unregulated. Sam Eaton reports.

Talk about strange bedfellows: Dow Chemical & Greenpeace on cap and trade

Jul 14, 2009
We've had Dow Chemical in the Greenwash Brigade's crosshairs in the past, so climate change skeptics chew on this: Greenpeace AND Dow Chemical are...
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Exxon looks to benefits of pond scum

Jul 14, 2009
Exxon is expected to invest $600 million to develop a new generation of fuels derived from algae. Mitchell Hartman explains the various environmental benefits to algae and Exxon's involvement with biofuel investing.

The "G" in GM is for green?

Jul 13, 2009
The AP reports that General Motors has emerged from bankrupcy ready to "go green."...
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How G8's decision will affect U.S.

Jul 8, 2009
Sustainability reporter Sarah Gardner talks with Kai Ryssdal about how the G8's indecision over climate change could impact America's own legislation for greenhouse gas reductions.

G8 falls short on climate change

Jul 8, 2009
The G8 agrees on targets for greenhouse gas emissions cuts but, apparently, fails to persuade the big emerging nations to follow suit.

CFL faux pas from an ecological intelligence expert

Jul 7, 2009
I just enjoyed the first 45 minutes of a Minnesota Public Radio call-in show. Daniel Goleman is touting his book, "Ecological Intelligence: How...
Posted In: CFLs, electricity, mercury, misinformation

Filibuster may slow climate change bill

Jul 7, 2009
Senate passage of a climate change bill may be tough because of the Senate rule that allows a minority to block a vote by filibuster. Sarah Gardner explores the main potential conflicts in the debate.

Economy may be spurring city growth

Jul 1, 2009
National Census data shows that the trend of cities losing residents to outlying suburbs is reversing, and it may be due in part to the economy. Sam Eaton reports.

Swedes push for climate change

Jul 1, 2009
Sweden wants big greenhouse gas polluters to cut their emissions as it takes over the rotating European Union presidency. But will a new climate deal be a tough sell? Stephen Beard reports.