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Swedes push for climate change

Jul 1, 2009
Sweden wants big greenhouse gas polluters to cut their emissions as it takes over the rotating European Union presidency. But will a new climate deal be a tough sell? Stephen Beard reports.

Monsanto pulls public radio into its greenwash

Jun 26, 2009
American Public Media has been getting flogged recently by some of its listeners, the environmental website Grist, and others online for accepting...
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Businesses adapting to climate change

Jun 25, 2009
Scientists warn it might be too late to find solutions to global warming, so some businesses are focusing on adapting to climate change. Sam Eaton reports.

Pay query looms in transportation bill

Jun 24, 2009
Environmentalists are praising the efforts of the new $500 billion transportation bill circulating today in the House, but there's still some question as to how to pay for it. Sam Eaton reports.
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Ohio explores future of manufacturing

Jun 23, 2009
Vice President Biden is meeting with officials in Toledo today to discuss what might be the next great manufacturing boom. Ohio has lost 280,000 manufacturing jobs in the past decade. Karen Kasler reports.

Community solar power is within reach

Jun 23, 2009
Many people want to make the switch to solar in their homes, but think it's too difficult or expensive. One San Francisco company is trying to demystify the process one community at a time. Lisa Desai reports.

Climate change cost boosts supporters

Jun 22, 2009
The Congressional Budget Office says a proposed cap and trade bill to cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions will cost $22 billion a year by 2020. Sarah Gardner reports this gives supporters of the bill some ammunition.

The 'fighting bull' goes green

Jun 11, 2009
Fuel economy and low emissions aren't what Lamborghini, or "Lambo," owners are typically after. They want (and apparently get) titillating, gut...

Nuclear costs too big for small utilities

Jun 11, 2009
Are you in the market for a nuclear reactor? If so, you'll need about $10 billion to get started. Besides the environmental concerns, the cost of nuclear energy is also a problem. Sam Eaton looks into why it's so expensive.

Funds would brighten solar industry

Jun 10, 2009
Exhibitors at a solar panel trade show in Philadelphia are hoping to get a share of the millions in federal incentives for solar energy. But until then, the industry is seeing a bit of a slowdown. Joel Rose reports.