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You tell us: Has the BP oil spill changed your behavior?

Jul 1, 2010
Lots of folks are boycotting BP (or at least want their Facebook friends to think they're boycotting). A new Facebook fan page called Boycott BP...

How does the BP oil spill compare to the largest oil spill ever?

Jul 1, 2010
Easy Answer: If you accept the high end of the government's oil spill estimates, BP is now the largest spill in the Gulf. ...
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EPA gets tough on Texas for air quality

Jun 30, 2010
The Environmental Protection Agency doesn't think Texas is doing enough to keep its air clean. So the agency is expected to tell the state that the federal government is taking over air quality permitting for about 39 plants. Ben Philpott reports.

Reporter's Notebook: Lessons from the Santa Barbara Oil Spill

Jun 25, 2010
The Santa Barbara oil spill of 1969 was nowhere the size of the BP oil spill, but it draws many comparisons. View a slideshow of breathtaking photos from the 1969 spill and hear from one resident who remembers it all too well

Some senators still reluctant on energy bill

Jun 23, 2010
President Obama is trying to help muster up 60 senatorial votes needed to pass energy and climate legislation.

Tax proposal to up cash in Superfund

Jun 21, 2010
The Environmental Protection Agency said it supports a bill that would reinstate taxes on the oil and gas industry to pay for the Superfund program. That's the pot of federal money that was set up 30 years ago to clean up the worst hazardous waste sites. Rob Schmitz reports.
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Zero-emissions electric trucks to transport food in NYC

Jun 14, 2010
Politicians in the Bronx, NY are unveiling an electric truck, the first of its kind in New York City, to transport goods from the city's food hub.

What impact, if any, will the BP oil spill have on energy policy?

Jun 9, 2010
Easy answer: Maybe a lot. Depends on who you ask....
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A push for businesses to be sustainable

Jun 9, 2010
Mindy Lubber, president of the nonprofit environmental advocacy group Ceres, talks with Kai Ryssdal about corporate responsibility and sustainability, and challenges companies might face to go green.