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Eating ethically -- it's complicated

Sep 23, 2011
You're trying your best to choose the most ethical, environmentally-friendly apples and chickens, but here are some more factors to consider before you decide to eat local.
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Why buy a solar panel when you can lease it?

Mar 5, 2011
Home solar panels are quickly getting cheaper in the U.S. thanks to companies that lease them to homeowners, instead of selling them.

Going "green" can be cutting jobs

Oct 15, 2010
Hotels around the country are urging their customers to "make a green choice" and opt out of daily housekeeping for their rooms. But cutting back on water and electricity might also be cutting back on something else: jobs. Sean Cole reports.
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Should you have to pay if you don't recycle?

Aug 23, 2010
**Easy Answer: Cleveland thinks so. **...
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Extracting oil from Canadian sand pits

Aug 3, 2010
Canada has some of the most oil in the world, and about half of it comes from the "oil sands." Oil companies use some of the most expensive, energy intensive technology to extract the oil from the sand -- which leaves an impact on the environment too.
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Insurer vote hits climate activism hard

Mar 30, 2010
In a surprising vote, a majority of the country's insurance commissioners decided to let insurers keep private their reporting on how climate change might affect them. Sarah Gardner reports.

French fight for nuclear in California

Mar 30, 2010
California has had a staunch resistance to nuclear power since 1976, but that hasn't stopped French company Areva from trying to get power plants in the state. Sarah Gardner observes the fight and weighs the odds.

Boardwalk wood does forest no good

Mar 4, 2009
Renovations to a New Jersey town's boardwalk are having ramifications on the rainforests in Brazil. Joe Rose reports on the controversy over U.S. beach towns using Brazilian hardwood.

Trash Challenge: Into the Dustbin of History

Sep 28, 2007
Get out the tissues. (And don't forget to compost them.)...

Why bicyclists and hybrid drivers should pay more taxes

Dec 31, 2013
Some states and cities are considering fees for commuters who don't pay gas taxes.
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