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A big stink over cow paddies

Mar 20, 2008
The EPA is considering changing the law that requires farmers to track the emissions of animal waste. But environmentalists say reporting these gases is necessary to keep them accountable. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Ecopods are burying the greenwash

Mar 19, 2008
Did you ever hear that joke -- that the quickest way to significantly reduce your environmental footprint is to die?...
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How "eco" is the Ecopod?

Mar 13, 2008
An eco-friendly coffin producer in the U.K. has given some funeral advocates sticker shock over its expensive biodegradable caskets. And April Dembosky reports environmental advocates also question the company's commitment to green.

Rail boom pushes greener trains

Mar 13, 2008
The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to announce new rules requiring cleaner engines on trains. But some say trains have a while to go before they're a pollutant-avoiding alternative. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Green homes - speedy sales in a slow market?

Mar 12, 2008
For a year, I've been trying to convince Minnesota's affordable home builders concerned about a slowing market what Greg Pinn, a San Jose home...
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Green appeal for Latino community

Mar 11, 2008
Environmental marketing may be difficult to ignore, but that doesn't mean it's getting through to everyone. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports how campaigns to conserve are tailoring their message to the Latino community.

Climate-friendly investing... with nuclear?

Mar 2, 2008
As I've been trying to be green in my investments (and mostly failing), this morning's Marketplace Money story by Sarah Gardner felt very familiar....
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Biofuels' virgin flight an important step

Feb 27, 2008
As the price of oil passes $100/barrel, motorists aren’t the only ones that suffer. So does the airline industry, which has relied on cheap fuel...
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Some see CFLs in a bad light

Feb 25, 2008
A U.S. energy bill will be phasing out incandescent bulbs in favor of alternatives like compact fluorescent lightbulbs, or CFLs. But not everyone thinks the new bulbs are ready to be given the green light. Joellen Easton reports.

Medicines tainting world's water

Feb 20, 2008
Medicine has been found in treated wastewater, which flows into rivers, lakes and oceans, harming fish and other marine life. Sarah Gardner reports on new efforts to encourage proper disposal of drugs.