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Right time to buy... heating oil?

Jul 2, 2007
Now's the time of year when many people who heat their homes with oil get a chance to lock in prices for next winter. But there's no guarantee prices won't fall. Steve Tripoli looks at whether it's worth the gamble.

Sustaining the power grid

Jul 2, 2007
New evidence suggests 2007 is on track to become the planet's second warmest year on record and climate experts predict that droughts, floods and heat waves will only get worse. That doesn't bode well for the nation's aging power grid, Sam Eaton reports.

New fuels from a Petri dish?

Jun 28, 2007
Researchers have announced the development of synthetic bacteria that may one day be turned into planet-friendly fuels. Sam Eaton reports.

Drought costs are just getting started

Jun 26, 2007
Damage from the Lake Tahoe fire is only a fraction of the growing financial toll of a drought that's gripping much of the nation. And the cost has nowhere to go but up. Sam Eaton reports.

EPA's new smog rules are a little hazy

Jun 21, 2007
The EPA announced new recommendations today on tightening limits on ground-level ozone. But, as Sarah Gardner reports, the agency's decision was about as clear as a summer day here in Los Angeles.

To fund alternatives, raise energy prices

Jun 20, 2007
What to do about global warming and how to wean ourselves off of oil is on the minds of many presidential candidates. But commentator David Frum says, so far, their solutions fall short of the mark.

Not everyone's breathing easier

Jun 20, 2007
The EPA today is expected to release more stringent ozone standards in an effort to improve public health problems such as asthma, but some businesses are crying foul since we haven't even met the existing standard. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
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Keeping tabs on global warming claims

Jun 19, 2007
Companies across the globe are increasingly touting their efforts to reduce carbon emissions. But are they for real? A new Web service, soon available on cell phones, offers a reality check. Amy Scott reports.

Taking from oil and giving to green

Jun 19, 2007
The Senate Finance Committee today is scheduled to vote on legislation that would rev up research into green energy at the expense of the oil industry. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
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Being green starts in the kitchen

Jun 15, 2007
The government is starting to look towards the kitchen as a place to save on greenhouse gas emissions. John Dimsdale went to the experts to grade his dishwasher.