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Exxon Mobil showing its greener side

Jan 18, 2007
After decades of fighting regulations and denying climate change is real, Big Oil is showing signs that it recognizes the science — and politics — of global warming have changed. But consumers beware, John Dimsdale reports.

Cities of the future

Jan 15, 2007
The History Channel has challenged design teams to share their visions of three cities 100 years from now — and the future's not as bleak as you might think. Sandy Hausman reports.

An upside to urban sprawl

Jan 12, 2007
Rapid urbanization is taking a heavy toll on the environment and human living conditions around the world, but it could also make the problems easier to solve. Hillary Wicai explains.

Drilling into Big Oil for renewable energy funds

Jan 10, 2007
House Democrats hope to divert billions of dollars into a renewable energy fund by rolling back subsidies for oil companies. Sam Eaton reports.

Unsung biofuel gets backers

Jan 10, 2007
While ethanol and biodiesel make headlines, biobutanol has quietly attracted investment from BP and DuPont. And it may prove the best alternative to gasoline yet, Sarah Gardner reports.

Warm winter worries farmers

Jan 8, 2007
The Northeast's unseasonably warm winter hasn't created many problems yet, but fruit growers there are hoping to see some traditional January weather very soon. Steve Tripoli reports.

Wal-Mart's solar secret

Jan 5, 2007
Bids are due today for what could become the largest solar energy project in history, but Wal-Mart is keeping quiet about its plans. Sam Eaton tells us why.

Corn shortage in store?

Jan 4, 2007
An environmental think tank says the fast-growing ethanol industry's appetite for corn is going to be more than double the government's estimate. Sam Eaton reports.

Tasting the effects of climate change

Jan 2, 2007
The French wine industry could be in for a major shakeup in the decades ahead if global warming continues. John Laurenson has details.

Wal-Mart's bright idea

Jan 2, 2007
The retail giant is pushing the sale of swirl-shaped fluorescent bulbs in its stores to get consumers to switch from inefficient regular light bulbs — but it's hitting some resistance. Dan Grech reports.