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Trash Challenge: Into the Dustbin of History

Sep 28, 2007
Get out the tissues. (And don't forget to compost them.)...

Private water flash point

Sep 27, 2007
Using new water meters, South Africa's found a way to put conservation and commerce on the same page. But Gretchen Wilson reports human costs don't appear on the bill, and the disparity of who gets water -- and how much -- has the potential to be a flash point.

T-minus 2

Sep 27, 2007
Another day without trash....

Little warming on emissions accords

Sep 26, 2007
Making sure rising economic powers such as China, India and Brazil do their part to curb greenhouse gases has become a major sticking point for the White House. But, as Sam Eaton reports, the solutions might be even stickier.

My Bag, Jr.

Sep 26, 2007

We love to talk trash

Sep 26, 2007
Marketplace's Tess Vigeland just passed Day 11 of her experiment to carry around all of the trash she produces in two weeks. She spoke with Doug Krizner about the potent effect of ripe chicken bones.


Sep 25, 2007

Battle heats up over Southwest water

Sep 24, 2007
It was a long dry summer across the Southwest United States. And climate experts say it's only going to get worse -- which has made one already scarce commodity all the more precious. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports on the competition for water between cities and the countryside.

'Trash Vigeland' meets the challenge

Sep 22, 2007
Trash Vigeland ... Mess Vigeland ... Bag Lady. The name calling began last weekend when Tess started two weeks of carrying around her trash 24-7 to get an idea of how much she sends to the landfill. Here's her update -- and her challenge to you.