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Windy City plans climate initiative

Nov 6, 2007
Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is expected to announce on Wednesday a climate initiative intended to make the city a national leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Only problem is, Chicago's got a lot of competition. Sam Eaton reports.

Windy City to cut down on its gas

Nov 5, 2007
Chicago is set to announce a plan to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the next 40 years. Sarah Gardner reports on the city law's bend towards a greener mentality.

Tax man catches up to car-sharing

Nov 1, 2007
Drivers who use car-sharing services in the state of Washington will now have to pay almost 10% in car-rental taxes. Users call it a penalty on doing right by the environment. Cathy Duchamp reports.
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Cheaper rates for using more power?

Oct 30, 2007
Differential pricing for utilities is nothing new -- paying less for electricity used during off-peak hours. But in Los Angeles, city officials floated a slight variation on that theme -- lower rates for people who use more electricity. Lisa Napoli reports that it's a growing trend.

Nuclear power industry gets recharged

Oct 29, 2007
After years of resistance from the public, the nuclear industry is attempting a comeback. It has already won $12 billion in taxpayer subsidies and is pushing for even more. Sarah Gardner reports.

Southeast economy faces long dry spell

Oct 26, 2007
Many towns and cities in the Southeast, including Atlanta, are months away from completely running out of water. Sam Eaton reports the economic fallout is only beginning.

Getting more power out of using less

Oct 23, 2007
Rising construction costs and concerns over global warming legislation have caused utilities to cancel plans for 16 new coal-fired power plants in recent months. Instead, they're opting for something much cheaper -- conservation. Sam Eaton reports.

Mining law might go modern

Oct 18, 2007
U.S. mining law has gone unchanged for more than a century, and large corporations have taken advantage of the free pass given to the original miners of the Western frontier. But Sam Eaton tells us that could soon change.

Going green is only good business

Oct 17, 2007
Lots of companies are going green. And they can't wait to tell you about it in their ads and press releases. But commentator Robert Reich says, Big whoop!

Will Southwest's economy dry up?

Oct 8, 2007
Scientists saying global warming is going to make the Southwest United States especially dry. That will likely have dire consequences on the economy of one of the country's fastest growing regions. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.