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Weatherizing against emissions

Mar 13, 2009
A recent report shows that simply plugging drafts and fixing efficiency in your home could have a major effect on your carbon footprint. Sam Eaton from the Marketplace Sustainability Desk decided to put this theory to the test on his aging Los Angeles home.

BICEP wants to flex on climate change

Mar 12, 2009
A lobby group called "BICEP" wants to help shape climate change policy as a Senate committee takes up the issue today. Starbucks, Levis, and Sun Microsystems are a few of the companies involved in the group. Caitlan Carroll reports.

EPA wants facilities to report emissions

Mar 10, 2009
The Environmental Protection Agency is pushing a proposal requiring companies to report their greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainability reporter Sarah Gardner explains how the proposal could affect facilities nationwide with Kai Ryssdal.

Lifting a tribe's fortunes with wind

Mar 10, 2009
The Lakota Sioux tribe has been measuring wind for a decade, and is working out a way to use wind turbines to lift its fortunes. Laurie Stern profiles the reservation in this first installment of a two-part story.

Clean coal is whatever we say it is!

Mar 9, 2009
The Reality Coalition, spearheaded by the Alliance for Climate Protection, hired the Coen Brothers to produce a peppery retort to clean coal supp...

Boardwalk wood does forest no good

Mar 4, 2009
Renovations to a New Jersey town's boardwalk are having ramifications on the rainforests in Brazil. Joe Rose reports on the controversy over U.S. beach towns using Brazilian hardwood.

The magic of marketing

Mar 3, 2009
I was prepping a presentation called "Green or Greenwashing" for the Duluth Energy Design Conference and found this cartoon that makes me smile. ...
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EPA gives U.S. cities 'Energy Star' label

Mar 3, 2009
The EPA releases its ranking today for the top 10 U.S. cities with the most energy efficient buildings? Sarah Gardner explains why states like California and Texas rank among the most energy-conscious.

D.C. rally wants Capitol to come off coal

Mar 2, 2009
An environmental group in Washington, D.C. is centering a rally around Capitol Hill's coal-fired source of electricity. Some Democrats want the plant to switch from coal to natural gas to cut carbon emissions. Ronni Radbill reports.

Budget-weary states cut green funding

Feb 26, 2009
The stimulus package is devoting billions of dollars to alternative energy projects. But while the federal government is spending more on green, debt-burdened states are pulling back. Sarah Gardner reports.