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Buying green to avert global warming is like #%*&ing for chastity

Apr 22, 2008
Michael Pollan's latest piece in the New York Times Magazine, "Why Bother?" tells us why we should bother....
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Water worries in rural communities

Apr 22, 2008
In Washington today, small-town water suppliers compete in an annual taste test. Sam Eaton from Marketplace's Sustainability Desk reports that the real battle in many rural communities is dealing with polluted sources.

Cost of emission caps questioned

Apr 21, 2008
A report out today counters criticism that capping greenhouse gas emissions will be tough on the U.S. economy. The Environmental Defense Fund bases its findings on several other reports. Sam Eaton explains.

States want leeway with CO2 curbs

Apr 18, 2008
The EPA has denied 17 state plans to curb CO2 emissions, saying separate plans would create confusion. Governors are meeting at Yale today to press the federal government to act on climate change.

Farm bill delayed as food costs soar

Apr 17, 2008
Congress has put off a farm bill for two weeks, after it couldn't agree on how to pay its $280 billion price tag. Beyond the cost, there's the issue of subsidies leading to more political liability as food prices keep rising. Sam Eaton reports.

Bush outlines climate change strategy

Apr 16, 2008
President Bush announces his non-binding goal to cut greenhouse emissions today, while Congress debates its climate legislation. Does either go far enough? Sam Eaton, from the Marketplace Sustainability Desk, reports.

Salmon fishing season called off

Apr 11, 2008
West Coast fisheries managers have voted to cancel the Chinook salmon fishing season due to historic lows in the fish's population. They're also hoping the crisis will get public officials' attention. Sarah Gardner reports.

It's not just salmon: take a fresh look at our fishing & eating habits

Apr 11, 2008
I was saddened to see today's news that West Coast salmon fishing had to be abruptly halted due to a 93% freefall in the number of spawning fish...
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Does green travel offset emissions.... or just your guilt?

Apr 10, 2008
Travel to an eco-resort abroad and mitigate guilt over the GHG emissions used to get there all at the same time! Ah, the confusing lexicon of...
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Greenwashing is a gateway drug

Apr 5, 2008
In Amy Westervelt's recent Sustainable Industries interview with L. Hunter Lovins, Lovins makes the case that greenwashing is good. "Hypocrisy is...
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