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Las Vegas' new City Center: greenwashed or not?

Nov 27, 2007
In response to: The Greening of Las Vegas Weekend America,® Nov. 17, 2007 Jim Nicolow's take Holy crap! We're holding up Las Vegas as a...

Organic turkey can leave a big footprint

Nov 23, 2007
One of the options for the traditional Thanksgiving meal is to buy an organic turkey raised on natural feed and no antibiotics. But commentator Kelly Alexander says such a turkey may not be all that friendly to the environment.

Drought focuses Aussies on every drop

Nov 21, 2007
Australians have been dealing with a decade-long drought that's one of their worst in history. Many have found there's nothing like pocketbook pressure to focus the mind on conservation. Stuart Cohen reports.

A step forward for 'clean' coal power?

Nov 21, 2007
Indiana regulators have given Duke Energy the OK to build what would become the world's first large-scale coal gasification power plant, provided the company can capture the plant's carbon emissions and store them underground. Sam Eaton reports.

Paper, or reusable canvas bag?

Nov 20, 2007
San Francisco today became the first city to ban plastic bags at large grocery stores. Sarah Gardner reports some don't feel the change will be that eco-effective, while others want to take the switch even farther.

Is there room for Wal-Mart on the green bandwagon?

Nov 16, 2007
In response to: Making waves of green All Wal-Mart has to do to have an impact on green products is place an order. Reporter Sarah Gardner caught ...

Making waves of green

Nov 16, 2007
All Wal-Mart has to do to have an impact on green products is place an order. Reporter Sarah Gardner caught up with some of its 60,000 suppliers at a conference that the retail giant held to talk about sustainability.

Carpet king takes sustainable lead

Nov 16, 2007
Ray Anderson made his fortune manufacturing carpet. Now he's trying to convince fellow entrepreneurs to join him on a second industrial revolution and a march to "Mount Sustainability" -- this time, with a deeper shade of green.

Can Wal-Mart save the world?

Nov 16, 2007
Retail powerhouse Wal-Mart has been taking great pains to improve its image by adopting environmental standards across all of its stores. Kai Ryssdal talks to Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott.
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Zapping trash with man-made lightning

Nov 16, 2007
With landfill space at a premium, a group of scientists think they have a solution: a machine that turns trash into small pellets and fuel. But is it practical? Janet Babin explores the debate over plasma gasification.
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