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Big Three selling jets, but just inching toward efficiency

Dec 2, 2008
It looks like it's not just a buyer's market for automobiles, but for corporate jets....
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Stepping up to reduce global emissions

Nov 26, 2008
Countries have been ramping up to reduce greenhouse gases, but the global cash crunch could mean less money for clean energy development. But Stacey Vanek-Smith reports the U.S. and Europe are expected to push reforms.

Utilities drop may indicate conservation

Nov 24, 2008
Electric utilities are reporting an unprecedented drop in power use, and the concern stretches beyond the economy. Sam Eaton reports the drop may indicate U.S. families are heeding calls to conserve.

A requiem for ethanol?

Nov 22, 2008
Representatives attending the recent American Banker's Association's Agricultural Bankers Conference predict over 40 ethanol companies will fail by...
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Corporations team up on climate fight

Nov 19, 2008
Corporate leaders are banding together to push Congress for more aggressive green mandates, from renewable energy to a stricter cap and trade system. Sarah Gardner reports what else the new coalition, BICEP, is pushing.

Calif. climate summit's global impact

Nov 18, 2008
In California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger convenes a two-day summit today on climate issues with over 600 officials and activists attending. Sam Eaton reports how this could be helpful globally.

Greenwash alert: Minnesota jobs policy

Nov 11, 2008
Yesterday, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty presented an extension of JOBZ (Job Opportunity Building Zones) to incorporate jobs related to renewable...
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Eco-labeled pesticides! Are your hands on fire yet?

Nov 5, 2008
As I write, millions of you are using EPA-registered pesticides, likely without knowing it, in a marketing-induced frenzy to rid the world of...
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The greenwash lurking across the street

Nov 3, 2008
A couple days ago, I wandered into my bank - my secondary bank. I've been loyal to a local bank that has the most incredible community investment...
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