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EPA gives U.S. cities 'Energy Star' label

Mar 3, 2009
The EPA releases its ranking today for the top 10 U.S. cities with the most energy efficient buildings? Sarah Gardner explains why states like California and Texas rank among the most energy-conscious.

D.C. rally wants Capitol to come off coal

Mar 2, 2009
An environmental group in Washington, D.C. is centering a rally around Capitol Hill's coal-fired source of electricity. Some Democrats want the plant to switch from coal to natural gas to cut carbon emissions. Ronni Radbill reports.

Budget-weary states cut green funding

Feb 26, 2009
The stimulus package is devoting billions of dollars to alternative energy projects. But while the federal government is spending more on green, debt-burdened states are pulling back. Sarah Gardner reports.

A national policy for renewable energy

Feb 10, 2009
Congress looks at a renewable energy proposal today that would require utilities to tap more into alternative sources like wind and solar. Sam Eaton reports why creating a single national policy could be tough.

The newest Boy Scout merit badge: Clearcutting and development

Feb 10, 2009
(Photo credit: Seattle Post-Intelligencer/Gilbert W. Arias) The Company Line(s): "The Boy Scouts were green before it was cool be to be green."...
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Report: Green companies do better

Feb 9, 2009
A new study out today suggests that greener, more socially responsible companies tend to perform better than their peers. Sarah Gardner reports which companies were considered more successful and sustainable.

Arctic fishing gets cold U.S. reception

Feb 5, 2009
Ice is melting rapidly off the northern coast of Alaska, which is drawing the attention of the commercial fishing industry. But U.S. government is expected to step in and stop it before it starts. Sarah Gardner reports.

A Wordle for your thoughts?

Feb 4, 2009
Hi everyone -- I'm Jo, and I hide behind the scenes most of the time here. I've been thinking about the topics we cover on the Greenwash Brigade,...
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Teaching climate change or a Sharp sales technique?

Feb 3, 2009
(Photo credit: Jared Flesher, New York Times' Green Inc. blog) As a former teacher, this Green Inc. article caught my interest and raised a red ...
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Climate program helps nations go green

Jan 30, 2009
The World Bank has selected eight developing nations to receive $500 million to help them adapt to global warming. If the climate adaptation program goes well it could play a pivotal role in developing a new global climate deal. Sam Eaton reports.