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Angie's List invites (encourages) 400,000+ companies to greenwash

Dec 19, 2008
Angie's List is providing new tools and incentives for small and large companies across the country to slap on some green paint. They provide...
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EPA ruling stalled by ethanol debate

Dec 19, 2008
Questions about the impact ethanol has on the environment are keeping the EPA from making a ruling about how much biofuel the U.S. should produce. Sarah Gardner reports.

A green gift in carbon offsets

Dec 16, 2008
Giving away carbon offsets for the holidays isn't exactly glamorous, but it does help the environment. Joellen Easton reports on how the market for offsetting greenhouse gas emissions is doing this holiday season.

Cheap coal bad news for green energy

Dec 12, 2008
The price of coal as plummeted since the summer, and analysts predict even cheaper coal prices next year. This makes the commodity a luring alternative to some, and doesn't bode well for green energy. Sarah Gardner reports.

Recycling industry down in the dumps

Dec 10, 2008
Demand for recycled goods is down, causing a billion dollar industry to lose much of its steam. But another byproduct of the recycling industry's downturn is the creation of new opportunities. Sam Eaton reports.

Infrastructure with a green outlook

Dec 10, 2008
President-elect Obama wants part of an economic stimulus package spent on green initiatives. One group is looking at improving man-made infrastructure with the environment in mind. Sarah Gardner reports.

Obama & co: Make 2009 the Year of Energy Efficiency

Dec 9, 2008
To face the long-term problem of global warming we need to be rooted in short-term reality. And the reality of the year ahead is a global recessi...
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Hard part of green energy: plugging in

Dec 4, 2008
California hopes to generate about a third of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020. But it's finding the hard part is tying all that new green power into the existing grid. Sam Eaton reports.

Big Three selling jets, but just inching toward efficiency

Dec 2, 2008
It looks like it's not just a buyer's market for automobiles, but for corporate jets....
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