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'Astroturf' campaign fights climate bill

Aug 17, 2009
Big oil and coal companies are using their trade associations to organize fake grass-roots protests against the climate bill working its way through Congress. Steve Henn reports.

A business guide to preventing greenwash

Aug 17, 2009
"Understanding and Preventing Greenwash: A Business Guide (opens PDF)" was just published by BSR and Futerra Sustainability Communications. The...
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Solar energy gains ground in Florida

Aug 13, 2009
Gainesville, Fla. is the first city in the country to adopt a new solar incentive program, making it profitable for an average person or business to put up solar panels and begin feeding power back to the grid. Jennifer Collins reports.

Answering your questions: Bottled water vs. soda?

Aug 13, 2009
Thanks to Toni from Winston-Salem NC for writing in to ask why environmental tips focus on reducing the use of bottled water, but don't tend to...
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Economics on climate change's side

Aug 6, 2009
A Senate hearing will attempt to shift Washington's attention back to climate change. A new report says reducing greenhouse gases would have a modest impact on the economy. Sam Eaton reports.

California parks seek sponsors

Jul 30, 2009
Roy Stearns, spokesman for the California Department of Parks and Recreation, talks with Bill Radke about how the department is coping with the Golden State's budget hole by asking people to sponsor its parks.

The power in building bigger batteries

Jul 29, 2009
The push for electric cars has given battery technology companies star status among investors. But some people think the real opportunity lies in building much bigger batteries. Sam Eaton reports.

Treaty would protect green innovation

Jul 29, 2009
Negotiators for a new international climate treaty have fielded several proposals that would allow poor nations to break patents on green technologies. The move could help countries stay innovative in the field. Sam Eaton reports.

Horizon Organic to consumers: sewage sludge is good for you!

Jul 22, 2009
Already plagued for falling prices and other woes, the organic food industry is now confronting 800-pound gorilla Dean Food's decision to create a...
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States fret over costly factory clean-up

Jul 21, 2009
States are growing increasingly concerned over the clean-up costs for work sites abandoned by failed industries. Factories often contain hazardous materials and states can't afford to pick up the bill. Alisa Roth reports.