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Obama Gives Major Speech On Climate Change And Pollution

I feel a climate change comin' on

May 6, 2014
Climate change does not rate very high on the list of the public's concerns.
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Drought puts California rice in a sticky situation

Apr 30, 2014
California grows almost all medium grain rice in the U.S. And prices are up.
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A Texas-sized bankruptcy for giant Texas energy deal

Apr 29, 2014
When Energy Future filed for bankruptcy, its total assets were $36.4 billion
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Cities want to make your rooftop gardens profitable

Apr 29, 2014
Some cities are experimenting with financial encouragement for green roofs
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Coal ash = environmental win (when you recycle it)

Apr 28, 2014
The toxic discharge from coal plants beats Portland cement when used in concrete.
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Climate change: how to talk about bad news

Apr 24, 2014
Talking about global warming makes people's heads explode. It's a tough subject.
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Earth day is middle aged. Is it over the hill?

Apr 22, 2014
Americans worry less about the environment than scientists say we should
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Energy Secretary Bodman Opens Solar Power System On Energy Dept. Build

Solar grows, with government help

Apr 18, 2014
Despite some failures, solar is growing into a big industry.
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National Geographic Cover

What happens when there are 9 billion mouths to feed

Apr 16, 2014
This month's National Geographic explores why 2 billion extra mouths could mean disaster.
Bangladesh's Shrimp Industry Accused Of Worker Exploitation

Attack of the shrimp (prices)

Apr 16, 2014
A bacterial infection is roiling through shrimp farms in Southeast Asia.
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