Sustainability at a glance

A view of Alaskan peak Mount Denali, formerly known as Mount McKinley. In Alaska, 90 percent of the state budget relies on oil.

Alaska's oil industry struggles amid climate change

Aug 31, 2015
Melting ice leads to more drilling, which leads to more warming and melting ....
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Obama visits a state that lives climate change: Alaska

Aug 31, 2015
President Obama is visiting Alaska and the Arctic to talk about climate change.
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Living in a wildfire zone

Aug 27, 2015
In much of the West, the question is not 'will there be a wildfire?' It's 'when?'
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How Nevada could cast a shadow over solar

Aug 26, 2015
State regulators are considering charging home users for connecting to the grid.
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The Carbon II coal-fired power plant in Nava, Coahuila, Mex. where coal from a new mine in Eagle Pass, Tex. will be burned.

In Texas, a coal mine opens to power Mexico

Aug 25, 2015
Border town residents are nearly united in opposition to the strip mine.
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A pumpjack stands on the North Dakota prairie. The number of drilling rigs in the Bakken oil field has fallen to a six-year low, eliminating a lot of jobs servicing the rigs.

In oil glut, fewer oil rigs mean less work

Aug 21, 2015
Steve Brown started his Bakken water-hauling business during the field's peak .
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A look at the concentration of fires in the West.

In Northwest, fire officials are accepting volunteers

Aug 21, 2015
The experiment could be a model for managing disasters with limited resources.
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Examining the Gulf Coast's master plan

Aug 21, 2015
Louisiana comes up $20 billion short for its coastal restoration plan.
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Firefighters prepare to start a backfire operation ahead of the Rocky Fire near Clearlake, California.

Western states scrambling for more firefighters

Aug 21, 2015
Wildfires are burning in 10 states, exhausting resources and manpower.
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A view of the 2014 Carlton Complex wildfire in Washington. Wildfires continue burning across the West.

The case for calling wildfires natural disasters

Aug 20, 2015
Washington's governor, U.S. Forest Service are asking for some federal relief.
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