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It would take lots and lots of these to print out the Internet.

How much paper would it take to print the Internet?

Apr 24, 2015
U.K. college students calculated how much paper it would take to print the Internet.
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Amazon Web Services has raked in more than one and a half billion dollars this year.

Amazon's cloud services rain profits

Apr 24, 2015
Amazon dominates the cloud sector — a market it created.
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Dynamic camouflage will let soldiers hide like a squid

Apr 24, 2015
Taking inspiration from animals to design the camouflage of the future.
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Silicon Tally: A Whale of a Tail Emoji

Apr 24, 2015
How well have you kept up with the week in tech news?
A Comcast truck is seen parked at one of their centers in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Cable giants call off merger

Apr 24, 2015
Cable giants Comcast Corporation and Time Warner Cable won't pursue a merger.
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In a sharing economy, labor laws fall short

Apr 23, 2015
Legal experts say 80-year-old labor laws don't work in today's economy.
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Staff members sit at their work stations at the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center in Arlington, Virginia.

Congress pushes for cybersecurity overhaul

Apr 22, 2015
After years of trying, Congress is close to passing a cybersecurity bill.
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A general view of IBM's 'Watson' computing system at a press conference in 2011.

IBM banks on Watson for progress and profit

Apr 22, 2015
Despite three years of falling revenue, IBM has a plan.
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Emoticon creator says emoji are :-/

Apr 22, 2015
Scott Fahlman still prefers the textual simplicity of :-)
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At RSA, desperate for data to help understand threats

Apr 22, 2015
At the RSA Conference, security pros are looking for answers to stop breaches.
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