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Where all those digital cookies came from

Jun 4, 2014
How the online cookie went from friend to foe... and why we may be friends again.
Posted In: cookies, Internet

My six weeks with Google Glass

Jun 4, 2014
Rory Cellan-Jones set out to figure out just how functional Google Glass really is
Posted In: Google Glass

Girls who game could turn into girls who code

Jun 3, 2014
How games like Minecraft could be the key to solving the tech industry's imbalance
Posted In: gaming

I hide my assets in Bitcoin

Jun 3, 2014
Among the uses of the cryptocurrency is the ability to hide assets during divorce proceedings
Posted In: bitcoin, divorce
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Facial Recognition: From the NSA to Facebook to Vegas

Jun 2, 2014
How good is facial recognition and who's driving it?

Inducing hypothermia to save lives

Jun 2, 2014
The benefits of cooling the body to 50 degrees below normal body temperature
Posted In: biomedical engineering

Google gets a makeover

May 30, 2014
We'll give you $10 (er, in karma) if you can tell what changed.
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Silicon Tally: Twins in Space!

May 30, 2014
How well have you kept up on this week's tech news?
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The Googlers inventing the future: mainly male, white

May 29, 2014
A lack of diversity in an innovation company can lead to a disconnect.
Posted In: Google, diversity, women in tech

Law & Order: tech edition

May 29, 2014
Jeff Thompson tracked the use of computers in all 456 episodes of Law & Order
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