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Technology's green giants

Apr 18, 2007
Rivals in the ultra-competitive tech industry don't work together often, but today they're making an exception and meeting in Denver to try to help save the environment — and money of course.
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Space R&D blasting off in 5. . .

Apr 17, 2007
Right now the fifth space tourist is orbiting the earth. Price tag: $20 million. So space tourism isn't exactly taking off at light speed, but some think there's a lot of money to be made a lot faster in space-based research.
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Moves show Web ads are alive and clicking

Apr 16, 2007
Google's purchase of Internet advertising company DoubleClick has ratcheted up the competition for the online ad market. And the antitrust accusations are flying. Lisa Napoli reports.

Looking to burn fat . . . for your car

Apr 16, 2007
Tyson Foods and ConocoPhillips are joining forces to create renewable diesel fuel from chicken, pork and beef fat. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Vonage may have to hang it up

Apr 12, 2007
The company that played a big role in putting Internet phone calls on the map let loose what might be its death rattle today. Lisa Napoli reports.

Putting patents on saving money

Apr 11, 2007
A growing number of inventors are patenting strategies that could save you money on your taxes. And if you use one without permission? Well, that's called patent infringement. Janet Babin reports.
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Monitoring software getting too smart?

Apr 10, 2007
In the ongoing battle over use of copyrighted materials online, software makers now have a product that actually watches video to check for infringement. But if sites like YouTube use it, they could be headed down a slippery slope.
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Make-your-own Google Map

Apr 5, 2007
Google has introduced a new feature called My Maps that lets you save locations and directions — with photos and video — and then share them with your friends or the world.
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Just another thing for homeowners to worry about

Apr 3, 2007
One influential data company is factoring climate change into its prediction that the coming hurricane season will be a rough one. And it's having a big effect on on hurricane insurance rates.
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The real cowboys of computer programming

Apr 2, 2007
You can't go horseback riding at the Big Nerd Ranch, but you can rope in some killer software-coding skills.