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Chipping away at profits

Jan 23, 2007
Computer chips keep getting smaller — and so do their prices. That's leaving archrivals Intel and Advanced Micro Devices in a race to cut costs and improve their products. Amy Scott reports.
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Can blogs make science cool?

Jan 19, 2007
Some scientists and educators are using blogs as a tool to communicate their findings and research. They're hoping, among other things, to get people excited about science. Janet Babin reports.
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Apple gets bruised on Wall Street

Jan 18, 2007
A day after Apple announced record quarterly profits, its shares took their biggest hit in almost a year before closing down 6 percent. What gives? Steve Tripoli reports.
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Efficiency, not coal, called key to Texas energy

Jan 17, 2007
A utility's plan to build coal-fired power plants across Texas has run into opposition from a group of environmentalists, mayors and CEOs. Two national groups joined in today with an alternative. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Verizon sells off New England lines

Jan 16, 2007
Verizon's about done with old-fashioned phone lines. The company announced today it's spinning off local lines in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Keith Shortall reports.

Flat-panel prices plummet — profits follow

Jan 16, 2007
LG.Philips LCD reported a huge quarterly loss, its third straight, to close out 2006 as competition pushed prices for those big-screen TVs down. Way down.
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Working to keep the 'Net neutral

Jan 12, 2007
The annual Advocates for Media Reform meeting kicks off today in Memphis and one hot-button topic of discussion will be how to keep Net neutrality alive. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Talk of a radio merger

Jan 11, 2007
Executives at both XM and Sirius satellite radio said this week that they like the idea of a merger and stocks jumped on the news. But not everyone's buying it, Dan Grech reports.
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Some Brits freaked by frankenbunnies

Jan 10, 2007
The debate on creating human/animal hybrid clones continues in Britain, with researchers insisting a ban will put the country behind in stem cell advances. Stephen Beard has more.
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Apple picks up phone, drops Computer

Jan 9, 2007
Apple Computer has changed its name to just . . . Apple. CEO Steve Jobs made the announcement while unveiling the new iPhone today. Lisa Napoli was observing and talks with Kai Ryssdal about what's new — and exciting.