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YouTube to go?

Nov 7, 2006
Verizon is negotiating to deliver videos from the popular YouTube site directly to your cell phone. Jeff Tyler reports.
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A better way to fly

Nov 6, 2006
American and British engineers have unveiled a radical new design for a passenger plane that's ultra fuel-efficient and practically silent. Stephen Beard has details.
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Air Force to defend cyberspace

Nov 2, 2006
The Air Force today announced the creation of a major command center. It's beefing up our military defenses — to keep the Internet safe from attack. John Dimsdale reports.
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FCC says yes to free Wi-Fi

Nov 2, 2006
Federal regulators decided yesterday that Continental Airlines can keep operating its free Wi-Fi network at Boston's Logan airport — against the port authority's wishes. Lisa Napoli looks at the implications of the ruling.
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Can wireless challenge iPod?

Nov 1, 2006
Cingular is reportedly working with online music services to deliver downloads through its cell phone network. But will trendsetters really turn away from the iPod? Janet Babin reports.
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Cracking down on software pirates

Oct 31, 2006
Microsoft said today it's going after 55 counterfeit dealers who are using online auction sites such as eBay to sell pirated versions of its software. Janet Babin reports.
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Cell phone advertising

Oct 27, 2006
Spending on ads targeted to cell phones is expected to hit $3 billion in five years. But marketers need to be careful not to trigger a consumer backlash, Janet Babin reports.

One billion cell phones

Oct 20, 2006
The mobile phone has become such an integral modern-day accessory that annual sales of the device could hit a record 1 billion this year. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
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Tech industry shedding jobs

Oct 17, 2006
Companies are slashing tech jobs at the highest rate in months, a new report shows. Ashley Milne-Tyte looks at whether the trend will continue.
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Reuters opens virtual bureau . . . for real

Oct 16, 2006
Users of online worlds transact millions of real dollars worth of virtual goods and services every day and that means there's real business news to cover. Confused? Host Kai Ryssdal sorts it out with Reuters' Second Life bureau chief Adam Pasick.
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