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Pages takes an eraser to Web search

Dec 11, 2007
Looking for a competitive edge in its pursuit of Google, the search company is marketing a way to erase the trail of digital bread crumbs you can leave behind. Lisa Napoli reports.

A new way to clean up a crude mess

Dec 7, 2007
After being told it couldn't be done, a team of students at MIT has figured out a way to use a material to separate oil from water, allowing for future clean-ups of crude oil spills. Janet Babin has more.

Server farms harvest rural power

Dec 6, 2007
In a rural area of Washington state that doesn't draw heavily on the power of the electric grid, Internet companies are taking advantage of an opportunity to set up their servers. Jason Paur has more.

A good night's rest is all in your head

Dec 4, 2007
To The Benjamin Hotel, a state-of-the-art pillow is crucial to getting a deep, fulfilling rest. Jaime Bedrin talks to a sleep concierge there and explores her options, which include a pillow filled with buckwheat hulls.

AT&T hangs up on pay-phone business

Dec 3, 2007
The telecommunications giant says it's selling some 65,000 coin-operated phones before cell-phone use makes them unprofitable. Janet Babin reports.
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Dell takes a hard drive at advertising

Dec 3, 2007
Dell started out the day as a computer company. But by the time the markets closed it had become an advertising powerhouse. The company says it's going to spend $4.5 billion to create its own ad agency. Lisa Napoli reports.

Social networking is here to stay

Nov 29, 2007
For a company like Facebook, the community is the business. Commentator Andreas Kluth says before long we'll all be social networking -- just maybe not on Facebook.

A new way to navigate the city

Nov 27, 2007
A small team of scientists from MIT is using Rome as an urban laboratory to devise a new technology to help us get from here to there. Megan Williams reports.
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Verizon to open network to more phones

Nov 27, 2007
Verizon Wireless says it's going to give consumers more choice of cell phones. It plans to open up access to its network in 2008. And it's bound to have company. Janet Babin reports.
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When the economy gives you lemons

Nov 26, 2007
When business is down, morale usually sinks with it. That's when it's time to hire someone with a shinier outlook. Jeff Tyler finds the silver lining in our cloudy economy with some professional motivational speakers.
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