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Despite advances, stem-cell investors still wary

Jun 8, 2007
Backers of stem-cell research say federal funding's needed, because wary investors won't step up to the plate. Investors worry that promising new therapies won't be profitable for years. Steve Tripoli reports.
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WiTricity: Powering up without cords, plugs

Jun 8, 2007
It seems too good to be true — a device that can power lights, laptops, phones and just about anything else, through the air and without plugging in. But there are some drawbacks — Jill Barshay reports.
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Patent dispute could block incoming phones

Jun 8, 2007
Cell phones that rely on Qualcomm chips to extend battery life were banned from U.S. import yesterday, but don't expect to see shipments piling up at the border. It's more likely to come down to deal-making, reports Janet Babin.
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Shopping via satellite

Jun 7, 2007
Sprint has launched a new service that will let cell-phone users shop with the help of GPS technology. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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GPShopping is here

Jun 7, 2007
Sprint launches a new service today that uses global positioning technology to help shoppers find products in stores. And this is just the beginning, Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Hatchery orders up 5-minute eggs

Jun 6, 2007
A monthly money event in New York City matches dot-com dreamers with venture capitalists. The catch is would-be entrepreneurs have only five minutes to seal the deal. Sally Herships reports.
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Climate change data knocked out of orbit

Jun 5, 2007
As President Bush prepares to tout U.S. leadership on reducing greenhouse gas emissions at tomorrow's G8 summit in Germany, there's news the White House is cutting what scientists call an essential tool for studying global warming. Sam Eaton has details.
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Company key to brand-name electronics gets bigger

Jun 4, 2007
Flextronics, the world's second-largest manufacturer of electronic components produced for retailers, is buying the number five company in the market, U.S.-based Solectron, for $3.5 billion. Amy Scott reports.
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Israel utility policy leaves some in the dark

May 29, 2007
To reduce the number of customers it disconnects for not paying their bills, Israel's national electric utility makes some of them pay before using power. But that's brought some problems, too. Orly Halpern reports.

Candidates try to enter a younger space online

May 28, 2007
Many of the presidential hopefuls have created pages on the popular social networking website MySpace. Alana Germany of Youth Radio checked them out.