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Sirius, XM plan $13 billion merger

Feb 19, 2007
Despite the FCC chairman saying a merger of Sirius and XM would be against the rules, the two satellite-radio services say they are going ahead with their plan.
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Business moves toward the mobile office

Feb 13, 2007
Much of what we call work still needs people to happen. But offices are changing to accommodate the way we work today. John Dimsdale reports on a visit he took to a model workplace of the future.

One tiny chip, one trillion operations per second

Feb 12, 2007
Intel's newest chip is fast alright, but IT expert Barry Fox says what's really revolutionary here is how little energy it runs on.
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Old media seeks upside of downloads

Feb 7, 2007
From the head of NBC bashing YouTube to Amazon selling movies through TiVo, old media are still adapting to new technologies. Kai Ryssdal discusses the ongoing download battle with Marketplace's Bob Moon.

Movies more on demand than ever

Feb 7, 2007
Amazon and TiVo are teaming up to bridge the gap between your PC and your living room. They plan to offer movies downloaded from the Internet straight to your TV.
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Prospering without a bank loan

Feb 6, 2007
Peer-to-peer lending sites are becoming a popular alternative for people who need a loan but have less-than-stellar credit. Amy Scott talks to borrowers and lenders on

Kodak takes a shot at printer market

Feb 6, 2007
The photo and film company, which was late getting to the digital party, has unveiled a new breed of printers in an attempt to capture some of the market dominated by Hewlett Packard. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Wal-Mart tries for lead role in movie downloads

Feb 6, 2007
The discount giant is getting into the online movie business, offering downloads for less than the competition. But, as Pat Loeb reports, that doesn't necessarily mean it'll be a hit.
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Kodak's last shot?

Feb 6, 2007
Kodak is entering the inkjet printer market with a line using ink that lasts for 100 years. That's more than seven times what's out there now, but it might be longer than the company survives if this strategy doesn't work.
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Viacom wants its video off YouTube

Feb 2, 2007
Media conglomerate Viacom has ordered the video sharing site YouTube to take down more than 100,000 pirated video clips. Janet Babin reports.