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Old tech could deliver $12 computer

Aug 6, 2008
First, the $100 laptop. Now, computers as inexpensive as $12. An MIT team hopes to create the low-cost machines by looking to technology from the early days of computing. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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Advertisers not fully sold on MySpace

Aug 4, 2008
Social networks like MySpace offer marketers the ability to target messages precisely, but many are still leery of the unpredictable content their ads will be seen alongside. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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The value of Yahoo beyond its search

Aug 1, 2008
Yahoo! holds its annual shareholder meeting today in San Jose, and the company's stock has been languishing. But despite losing the search engine wars to Google, Yahoo offers a lot of value. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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Firms struggle to extract oil from shale

Jul 31, 2008
The largest untapped oil source, enough to sustain U.S. demand for a century, may be right here at home in the Rocky Mountains. But first, we have to find a way to get it out. Janet Babin reports.
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Solar breakthrough simplifies storage

Jul 31, 2008
Scientists at MIT have made a breakthrough which may solve the biggest hurdle to the mass adoption of solar energy: a more efficient way to store it for later use. Dan Grech reports.
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Computers cash in on solar power

Jul 29, 2008
Big computer companies like IBM and Intel have announced major investments and technological breakthroughs in solar panels in recent months. Sam Eaton reports money is the main driver behind the revolution.

A search engine that redefines 'cuil'

Jul 28, 2008
As of today, Google has a new rival. But even with a broader search index, can Cuil (pronounced "cool") take on the Web's Goliath? Janet Babin tests the engine and gauges the results.
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Companies quiet about DSL sans phone

Jul 24, 2008
Want a high-speed DSL connection without the landline phone service? It's available, but don't expect the phone company to advertise it. Katie Macpherson reports.
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Too many owners lead to gridlock

Jul 22, 2008
Private ownership can create wealth, but too much of it can bog down the economy. Host Kai Ryssdal asks Columbia law professor Michael Heller about the problems with the current property rights system.

New jingles may be coins in your pocket

Jul 21, 2008
About $21 billion was spent on online advertising last year. Almost half went to search engines, with Google getting the lion's share. But commentator and economist Ian Ayres says you, too, may be able to get in on the action.
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