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More TV for your cell phone

Mar 1, 2007
Sure you can already download clips of your favorite shows to your cell phone, but soon Verizon subscribers will be able to get entire episodes from Comedy Central, Fox and MTV — if they upgrade their plans of course.
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Getting consumers excited about high-def

Feb 27, 2007
Prices for flat panel TVs and high-definition DVD players keep coming down but consumers still aren't biting. Seems they're satisfied with their current picture — at least enough to wait and see whether Blu-ray or HD-DVD wins out.
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Google challenges Microsoft in the office

Feb 22, 2007
Google is rolling out a new office product called Google Apps. It hits the market just as Microsoft is peddling its latest office software. Ashley Milne-Tyte looks at whether Bill Gates and company ought to be worried.

An MIT education — no charge

Feb 21, 2007
MIT has an alternative pricing plan for its courses. Total cost: not much more than an Internet connection. And you get everything regular students get . . . except the diploma. Janet Babin reports.

Apple, Cisco still talking on iPhone

Feb 21, 2007
The tech world is waiting today to see if the companies have finally come to an agreement. Cisco Systems sued Apple over the iPhone name back in January, but the conversation has lasted five years.
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Change the lightbulb, save the planet

Feb 20, 2007
Australia plans to replace all incandescent light bulbs with compact flourescents by 2010 to cut greenhouse emissions. But Sam Eaton reports there'll still be plenty of demand for Thomas Edison's bright idea.

The dish on the satellite deal

Feb 20, 2007
Sirius and XM have agreed to merge their satellite radio services. With their combined 14 million or so paying customers, the new duo would completely dominate the budding industry. And that's where the FCC steps in.
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Sirius, XM plan $13 billion merger

Feb 19, 2007
Despite the FCC chairman saying a merger of Sirius and XM would be against the rules, the two satellite-radio services say they are going ahead with their plan.
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Business moves toward the mobile office

Feb 13, 2007
Much of what we call work still needs people to happen. But offices are changing to accommodate the way we work today. John Dimsdale reports on a visit he took to a model workplace of the future.

One tiny chip, one trillion operations per second

Feb 12, 2007
Intel's newest chip is fast alright, but IT expert Barry Fox says what's really revolutionary here is how little energy it runs on.
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