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Google Images used to suck real bad

Jul 21, 2010
but I didn't realize that until it was re-designed....
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Flipboard: the new Lindsay Lohan?

Jul 21, 2010
I don't know who Flipboard's PR people are but they should win the Nobel Prize for PR (a prize I'm glad doesn't exist). Everyone is talking this...
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Mac sales are strong

Jul 21, 2010
When the iPad launched, a lot of people wondered if Mac sales would suffer. It's not just a business question; it's a question of whether people ...
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Colors? Check. Shapes? Check. Social networking skillz? Check.

Jul 21, 2010
Social networking is getting some young users -- really young. But should kids be spending so much time trying to build their online profile?

The Internet: Bringing Families Together

Jul 20, 2010
We're just wrapping up tomorrow's show, about social networking for little kids (and how it might not be as bad a thing as you think). And of...
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Coming soon: Magazine Motion Sickness

Jul 20, 2010
While putting together today's episode on whether the iPad can save magazines, I took in this nifty video of how Viv Magazine is turning their...
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FCC wants more Americans with broadband Internet

Jul 20, 2010
Steve Chiotakis talks with Washington Post tech reporter Cecilia Kang about the FCC's message to Internet providers for more broadband access to more Americans.

Amazon sells more invisible electric books than actual books

Jul 20, 2010
Hard cover ones anyway. Yeah, this one shocked me. Of course, I just downloaded War & Peace for free from Amazon so I guess anything is...
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The Golden Age of Magazines (might be right now)

Jul 20, 2010
The iPad is showing off magazines' best assets.

Tron and Meta-Tron

Jul 19, 2010
I see where there's a new Tron game for the iPhone. I am totally going to download it and play it. There is no way I won't. Not because it's free,...
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