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Biblical clue in Stuxnet worm?

Sep 30, 2010
We talked this week about the Stuxnet computer worm. It's a bit of malware that attacks infrastructure system controls as opposed to electronic...
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Nintendo delays 3DS release

Sep 30, 2010
Shares in the electronics giant Nintendo have fallen by almost 10% in Japan. The company announced its much anticipated 3DS hand-held console won't be out before the crucial holiday season.

Kids like electronic book readers

Sep 29, 2010
Scholastic took a survey of 1,045 kids ages 9 to 17 and the results are pretty interesting....
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George Lucas announces new plan to ruin everything

Sep 29, 2010
He's re-releasing all six Star Wars movies (the three actual movies plus the three abominations against all that is holy) in 3D. Starting with...
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Texting bans for drivers don't make much difference

Sep 29, 2010
This according to a new study. Because if you're stupid enough to text while driving, are you really going to follow laws? I didn't think so....
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Incredibly depressing mega millions lottery simulator!

Sep 29, 2010
Is located here. Good luck! That luck won't do you any good!
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Eric Schmidt is really upset that we have to drive cars

Sep 28, 2010
The CEO of Google is still complaining that we have to drive our own cars. Humans, I mean. Clearly, cars should have the ability to drive...
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Amazon is busting out all over - app store, tablet, web thingie

Sep 28, 2010
Word has it that Amazon is about to launch an app store for Android devices. While it seems a little nuts at first that they're getting into a...
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Microsoft drops Live Spaces, radically alters culture

Sep 28, 2010
The headline story is that MSFT discontinued its blogging platform Live Spaces. And really, that's no big deal. Started as a competitor to Blogger...
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What should we do about our monkey problem? Bring in more monkeys!

Sep 28, 2010
The Commonwealth Games in India have been a disaster. Crumbling bridges, overflowing toilets, wild dogs, and massive snakes showing up in the...
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