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Mozilla labs imagines phone of the future

Sep 24, 2010
Want a peek at a phone that would make all those iPhone carrying hipsters green with envy? Check out the Mozilla Seabird (or at least the animate...
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Deadly Distraction

Sep 24, 2010
One out of every six fatal traffic accidents in 2008 was caused by a distracted driver according to a new study published in the American Journal...
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Why Facebook Fell Apart

Sep 24, 2010
Facebook went dark for more than two and a half hours yesterday. It is the biggest service outage in more than 4 years. Like buttons disappeared...
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Malicious computer worm on the attack

Sep 24, 2010
Security experts are grappling with what could be a new and serious cyber attack. The Stuxnet computer worm attacks control systems at large sites like industrial plants and power stations.
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Buying Love On Twitter

Sep 23, 2010
Twitter is ushering in a new kind of celebrity auction. And the bidding ends tomorrow....
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Verizon: pay to play data plans coming soon

Sep 23, 2010
Mobile phone carrier Verizon wireless will soon start charging users tiered rates depending on how much data they download. That's according to...
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Status Update: The Facebook Phone - It's Complicated.

Sep 23, 2010
Is a Facebook Phone in the works? The company denied it over the weekend, but turns out this all might depend on what the definition of is is....
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Price Fixing in Paradise?

Sep 23, 2010
Michael Arrington founder and co-editor of TechCrunch has accused a group of high profile (yet unnamed) angel investors from colluding to keep...

Dark fiber could provide faster Internet to schools and libraries

Sep 23, 2010
The FCC is deciding whether to approve a plan to make unused fiber optic cable, or dark fiber, available to schools and libraries. That move could have a big impact on how you use the Internet. We talk with Christian Sandvig from the Project on Public Policy and Advanced Communication about the plan.

Facebook makes games less of a pain in the neck

Sep 22, 2010
While it's always fascinating to read on Facebook that my quasi-friend obtained a new Amulet of Power in WizardQuest...I'm being sarcastic. It's...
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