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Scientists warn solar flares could disrupt power grid

Jun 8, 2010
A solar flare-up could cause huge damages to Earth's communication system and power grids.
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The new iPhone

Jun 8, 2010
Apple's new product has a feature called Face Time, which allows users to conduct real-time video conversations.

What matters from the WWDC?

Jun 7, 2010
Heck, I'm not sure. But as Jobs talks, I'm going to attempt to update this entry and figure it out....
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Tech News In Brief - 6/7/10

Jun 7, 2010
WWDC - all eyes on Apple as Jobs delivers a big speech and rolls out new ways to take your money.Foxconn gives raises againIf you can't beat ‘em,...
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Our brains on the Internet

Jun 7, 2010
GigaOm has this summary of the weekend's big think pieces in The Wall Street Journal by big tech thinkers Nick Carr and Clay Shirky. Carr wrote...

Messages from WWII to be digitized

Jun 7, 2010
I think this is flat out fascinating....

U.S. intelligence analyst behind Wikileaks helicopter attack video arrested

Jun 7, 2010 has the story of the Army intelligence analyst who's taken credit for leaking classified U.S. combat video to Wikileaks.  SPC Bradley...

HP printers to have their own emails

Jun 7, 2010
In an effort to revolutionize printing, and in the hopes that people will still want to print, HP is making new printers that people use to print...
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The iPad Magazine - what's going on?

Jun 7, 2010
iPad owners are spending an average of an hour on their iPad app versions of popular magazines. That's not quite the 70 minutes spent on print...
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If you can't beat 'em, integrate 'em, says Yahoo

Jun 7, 2010
Yahoo is rolling out new features that embed Facebook in the Yahoo user experience. Yahoo and Yahoo mail users will soon be able to see their...
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