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Smart phone apps at war

Aug 5, 2010
The military begins taking advantage of smart phone apps.

Mafia Wars Las Vegas

Aug 4, 2010
it's a game on Facebook where you pretend to be a mafia guy and to promote it they're blowing up a real armored car in real Las Vegas because that...
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Eyeball video game controls. For when any kind of motion is simply too taxing.

Aug 4, 2010
Microsoft's Kinect system is coming soon. It'll be great for when you simply can't be bothered to use a controller. But what if physical movement...
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Google begins rolling out multi-account sign-in

Aug 4, 2010
It's only in the very early roll-out stages of implementation but Google is beginning to allow multiple accounts to be logged on at the same time....
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Could Vonage deal signal the end of phone numbers?

Aug 4, 2010
That's a bit of an extrapolation but not all that far fetched. Vonage is a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) company and they have a new free app...
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You are a map maker. Yes you are.

Aug 4, 2010
Microsoft invites users to submit their own photos of the world to help build Bing's Open Street Map.

Microsoft issues emergency patch

Aug 3, 2010
This was in order to address an issue so severe that it couldn't wait for Patch Tuesday, the monthly release of various security patches. I'll...
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Angry Birds: An Appreciation, by Paul F. Tompkins

Aug 3, 2010
(Note: We noticed on Twitter a while back that famed comedian and friend of the show Paul F. Tompkins was somewhat obsessed with the iPhone game...
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Rdio becomes open to all

Aug 3, 2010
Rdio is a $9.99 per month unlimited streaming music service that did a soft launch in the US and Canada a couple of months ago. You needed to be...
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Halo for the Atari 2600 (but you don't need an Atari 2600)

Aug 3, 2010
This requires astounding amount of geekery shooting off in many directions. A gentleman named Ed Fries has built a version of the incredibly...
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