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One fifth of the world's spam has been stopped. And you may have been helping send it.

Oct 28, 2010
Twenty percent of the world's spam email has vanished. Why? Because Russian cops raided the apartment of a guy named Igor Gusev. One guy! And you know who was helping him send those spams? You were.
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Firesheep may scare you off the Internet

Oct 27, 2010
Next time you're in a coffee shop using their Wi-Fi, you might want to avoid going on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or lots of other sites. That's because of a new Firefox add-on called Firesheep.
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Watch the next Mars rover being built

Oct 27, 2010
It's on UStream....
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FTC ends investigation of Google

Oct 27, 2010
You may recall that Google was found to be gathering data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks while out taking pictures for Google Street View. They say...
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Sheep on fire

Oct 27, 2010
Sounds like the worst Kings of Leon song ever, right? But Firesheep is a big threat to your privacy, not your musical taste. We talked about it on...
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PlayStation Portable (PSP) phone may be on the way

Oct 27, 2010
Because the world needs more phones? No, that's probably not it. But maybe the world needs a more sophisticated game playing device that can also...
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Limewire, which still exists, gets disabled

Oct 27, 2010
The file sharing site has been battling lawsuits from the recording industry for years now but was finally disabled after a court injunction from...
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MySpace admits defeat to Facebook

Oct 27, 2010
The social networking site MySpace says it's done competing with Facebook. Instead, MySpace will refocus towards entertainment, and away from connecting with friends. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Nook Color

Oct 26, 2010
As expected, Barnes & Noble unveiled a Nook with color today. Android enabled, as before....
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In honor of the Walkman's passing

Oct 26, 2010
Let's give it up one time for mix tapes. Take it away, fellas.
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