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China was behind Google attacks, say Wikileaks leaks

Nov 29, 2010
251,287 US diplomatic cables were leaked in the latest round of Wikileaks documents and some of them point to China's politburo as being behind...
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Apple lawyers up for smartphone cases that could actually matter to you and me

Nov 29, 2010
Apple is squaring off against Nokia in a case before the International Trade Commission this week with both sides charging that the other is...
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It's here: social media for toddlers

Nov 29, 2010
Researchers have figured out a way to get kids more connected. They've turned an ordinary shape sorter box into a communication device called an...
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Robot sports reporter

Nov 29, 2010
But how does he get grotesquely overweight and suck up to spoiled athletes if he's a robot? I'm sure they're working on that....
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Google brain drain?

Nov 29, 2010
The New York Times has a feature on the potential brain drain at Google as some top employees head over to Facebook, frustrated with the greater...
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Google may have bought Groupon for $2.5 billion

Nov 29, 2010
So far this story seems to trace back to a site called and an interpretation of tweets on the part of TechCrunch. So it's nothing yo...
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Carriers fight to meet bandwidth demands

Nov 29, 2010
The amount of data passing through mobile phone networks in the U.S. doubles every year. People watching Youtube, checking Facebook, and surfing the web on their smartphones adds up to about three quarters of the mobile system's bandwidth. But will other devices soon cause traffic as well? Steve Henn reports.
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The brave new world of 3D printing

Nov 29, 2010
What if you didn't have to drive to the hardware store and instead you could just print out whatever tool or part or object you might need? What if when the kids were demanding the latest must-have toy, you could just print it instead? In 3D? That may be the world that's just around the corner. A world where you buy blueprints instead of things and the 3D printer is the most important appliance in your house.

Macrowikinomics: How collaboration is changing the world

Nov 27, 2010
When a lot of people get together behind one idea, they can make a change. And when a lot of people are getting behind a lot of different ideas, that can change the world. The new book "Macrowikinomics" explores how collaboration is changing society. Steve Chiotakis talks with the co-author, Don Tapscott.
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Googling and Facebooking to a job

Nov 27, 2010
Social media more often seems to be a way to get kicked out of a job -- unseemly photos, an off-color post -- but some job-seekers are using it to land their dream jobs.
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