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Desert robot race, sponsored by DOD

Oct 5, 2005
The Defense Department is sponsoring the DARPA Grand Challenge, a 150-mile race for robots. More than 40 robots have been competing for a spot in this year's derby on Saturday. Marketplace's Brett Neely reports.

Motivation to eat right

Aug 1, 2005
There is a new — and unexpected — place where we can find dieting inspiration. Commentator and admitted chocaholic Beth Tietell just isn't buying.
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Rosie the Robot meets her match

Jul 28, 2005
What would the Jetson's cleaning droid think of Roomba, the robot vaccuum? And what about its parent company going public? David Brown talks to reporter Hiawatha Bray.

A new nuke

Jun 28, 2005
This morning scientists announced they'll build a reactor in southern France. But this one is fusion, not fission. Geoff Brumfiel from Nature magazine says it could work.
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The stem cell race: off and running

Jun 22, 2005
Federal funding for stem cell research has been the center of much debate. But a new study out this week says more than 3,000 stem cell-related patents have been filed around the world in just the last five years. Wellesley College Professor Robert Paarlberg talks with Cheryl Glaser.
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All things digital in San Diego

May 24, 2005
Some of the biggest names in the technology business are meeting today near San Diego. And the conference agenda is a sign of what's to come from the industry over the next several years. Host David Brown speaks to <i>Fortune's</i> Adam Lashinsky - who's covering the event.
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Google Rankings

May 6, 2005
Wanna know where the market closed?Google it. Wanna recipe for salmon teriyaki? You can google that, too. Google's success as a premiere search engine is thanks in part to its speed and its broad reach. But it's also cooked up its own secret recipe for ranking websites. Now the company's trying to patent a new technology for ranking news stories as Curt Nickisch reports.
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Oil exploration in coastal waters

May 3, 2005
Now that they've nearly managed to open the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas exploration, energy companies have set their sights on a new target: America's coastal waters. For about 20 years there's been a moratorium on most coastal drilling. But now there are efforts in Congress to change that. Marketplace's Matthew Algeo reports.
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AIDS in India

May 3, 2005
There's a number that AIDS activists keep an eye on when they're looking at how quickly the disease is spreading in a given country. A one percent infection rate is generally considered a tipping point. As Marketplace's Julie Small reports, India is almost there.
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Wanted: The next "Q"

Apr 29, 2005
A high tech mastermind with a wild imagination. The mission: to develop James Bond-style equipment for spies. Discretion requested. Those interested should apply to Her Majesty's Government. What's this all about? From London, Marketplace's Stephen Beard has been gathering intelligence.
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