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Cloning a new generation of stud horses

May 2, 2007
The FDA is considering regulating the use of cloned animals in the nation's food supply. But for an elite group of animal breeders, cloning is already a reality — and it's making big bucks.
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Tweet, tweeted, twitterpated

May 1, 2007
It's the latest online social phenomenon. Thousands of people are answering the simple question — What are you doing? — all day long. Chana Joffe-Walt recruited a few friends to try it out.
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Scanning news for automatic trading

Apr 30, 2007
When investors hear good news about a company, they generally buy the stock. Bad news? Sell. Reuters is rolling out a new service that tracks news about companies and can make automatic trades. Ashley Milne-Tyte has more.
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Not much you in Sony's tube

Apr 27, 2007
Sony is set to launch its own video-sharing website to rival YouTube, only it's promising to monitor the content to protect against copyright infringement. Great for studios, but what's in it for consumers?
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U.S. broadband stuck in the slow(er) lane

Apr 24, 2007
The U.S. ranks 15th among 30 industrialized nations in high-speed Internet access, and a free market may be the speed bump. In places like Iceland and Singapore, governments are taking the initiative.

Putting more green into pots

Apr 20, 2007
A lot of us are in our gardens putting in flowers and other plants, and we end up with lots of non-recyclable plastic pots. But some growers are experimenting with greener alternatives. Janet Babin reports.

Gates offers nations a lure to get with his programs

Apr 19, 2007
Bill Gates says Microsoft will practically give away its software in developing nations that provide computers to kids. He wasn't wearing his foundation hat — it's all about business. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Security at your fingertips

Apr 19, 2007
If technology has made identity theft easier, it may also be the best tool to fight the crime. Some companies are starting to use BioPassword to secure their logins. The software uses biometric science to measure your keystrokes and confirm your identity.
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Campuses clamor for danger alert system

Apr 19, 2007
Colleges across the nation have sought out better emergency notification systems in the days following Monday's deadly shootings at Virginia Tech. That's led hundreds of them to a company called Omnilert.
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Last-minute online filers tax servers

Apr 18, 2007
Tax filers using Turbo Tax and other software flooded computer servers Tuesday night, causing some customers to miss the midnight deadline. Our John Dimsdale shares the details with host Tess Vigeland.
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