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Emergency network fixes not dialed in

Aug 7, 2007
Sprint Nextel and the FCC agreed a couple of years ago that the cell-phone provider would spend $5 billion to fix problems in the nation's emergency radio network. But it's been a tougher job than expected. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Rocking the video-game world

Aug 6, 2007
The video game "Guitar Hero" from Activision has struck a chord with gamers and given market leader Electronic Arts something to fret about. Kevin Periera of G4 television has been taking notes.

Wingwomen get conversation started

Aug 3, 2007
For a single man on the dating scene, the best way to break the ice -- other than a cute puppy -- is a woman friend doing the talking. Now a growing service is helping shy guys meet Ms. Right, or Ms. Right Now.
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Paper transactions checking out

Aug 2, 2007
The merger of banking software makers Fiserve and Checkfree could speed up the death of the paper check. Jill Barshay reports.
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The economics of giant pandas

Aug 2, 2007
U.S. zoos know that adorable baby pandas mean big crowds. But those air-conditioned caves cost a lot of money, and not all of those profits can go back into zoo coffers. Jeremy Hobson has the story.

Is StubHub's MLB catch good for fans?

Aug 2, 2007
The eBay ticket-trading service gets an exclusive deal with baseball to re-sell tickets on team Websites. But critics complain about the markup, and the move could block cheaper competitors. Steve Henn reports.
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Printers see red on Kinko's PDF deal

Jul 30, 2007
The PDF has become the standard electronic file for printing, and desktop publishing leader Adobe is teaming up with FedEx Kinko's to make printing the files much easier. Jeremy Hobson reports.

'Open access' battle heats up in D.C.

Jul 26, 2007
Google has proposed a billion-dollar bid to keep airwaves open to smaller telecoms and innovators. But established telecom carriers say it's nothing but a government handout of valuable spectrum. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Nanoparticles in regulatory spotlight

Jul 26, 2007
Sub-microscopic materials are now in hundreds of consumer products, and the tiny particles can defy standard physics and may pose a risk. The FDA is passing the buck to the EPA to regulate them. Janet Babin reports.
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'Old media' content remains king

Jul 23, 2007
Wall Street hasn't been kind to the newspaper business since new media came online. But commentator Cody Willard says old media's content makes it a good investment.