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Translation software opens up doors

Jan 14, 2009
For people living in developing countries, it can be difficult learning how to use technology when the language can't be understood. But with new translation software becoming available, a whole new world of technology is opening up. Gretchen Wilson reports.
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Will transition to digital TV be delayed?

Jan 14, 2009
The transition from analog to digital television is becoming a little scrambled. Government coupons for the digital television converter program have run out, leading some to call for a delay in the transition. Jeff Tyler reports a delay could be costly for TV stations.
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Stanford to explore new energy sources

Jan 13, 2009
Stanford University has received a gift of $100 million from alumni to create a new energy institute. As Janet Babin reports, in these tough times the only road to innovation may be through the private sector.

AOL dials up a change in structure

Jan 12, 2009
AOL is adapting to a changing Internet by consolidating all of its Web 'zines under a single unit. The new strategy could lead to more advertising dollars. Janet Babin reports.
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Countdown to the digital transition

Jan 9, 2009
The road to the digital TV switchover has been long and not without a few potholes. As the February deadline approaches, host Tess Vigeland asks Popular Science's Sean Captain what you need to do to make sure you're ready.
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Peer pressure pushes people to go green

Jan 6, 2009
A growing body of research shows the most effective way to get people to go green is not through do-good appeals, but rather peer pressure. Sarah Gardner reports on the latest research findings.

Asphalt shortage makes recovery rough

Jan 6, 2009
President-elect Obama wants to spend nearly $300 billion on infrastructure projects to create jobs and boost the ailing economy. But road and bridge repairs will require a lot of asphalt, and as Joel Rose reports, a shortage of it could spell trouble.
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This gecko discovery just might stick

Jan 1, 2009
You know the little green gecko in the Geiko commercial? Well its real-life model has an amazing ability to attach its toes to any surface, then easily peel them off. Janet Babin reports on the commercial promise of that gecko talent.

Ethanol could kill your small engine

Dec 30, 2008
By 2022, the government says the U.S. must produce 36 billion gallons of renewable fuel. But the ethanol mandate could be disastrous for your lawnmowers, boats, and small engines. Peter O'Dowd reports.
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Electronic show running on low battery

Dec 29, 2008
The 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show promises the latest innovations in technological gadgets and products. But as Jeremy Hobson reports, attendance is expected to be much lower than in years past because retailers who sell electronics are being hit hard by the recession.
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