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Silicon Valley has a dress code? You better believe it

Jan 28, 2014
Or put another way, there’s a lot of code in Silicon Valley dress.
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Giving up Google for a day

Mar 2, 2012
Our reporter attempts to avoid using the search engine, and finds its influence is almost everywhere.
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Calculating the costs of online piracy

Jan 18, 2012
Stephen Siwek, a consultant at Economist Incorporated, discusses how the cost of piracy is determined.
Posted In: piracy, Stop Online Piracy Act, SOPA, PIPA

Free Kindles! Free iPads! (This is not an advertisement! We promise!)

Mar 1, 2011
Later on this week, Apple will announce a new version of the iPad. Meanwhile, Amazon will start selling the Kindle in AT&T stores. Popular devices both, but not exactly free. That, however, could change.

Internet running out of digital addresses

Jan 25, 2011
In about a week, the organization that assigns addresses that identify every device connected to the Internet will run out of numbers. The workaround could make the Internet slower and flakier.
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Apps that prevent you from using your phone

Oct 11, 2010
Kai Ryssdal talks to Hiawatha Bray, a tech reporter at the Boston Globe, about smartphone apps that try to prevent you from using your phone while driving -- or at least try and make you a less distracted driver.

Tackling wireless network congestion

Aug 25, 2010
With more people logging on through computers and smart phones, wireless providers are scrambling for solutions to relieve the congestion on their networks.

Gizmodo gets its hands on new iPhone

Apr 20, 2010
Jason Chen, editor of technology website, talks with Kai Ryssdal about how the new ended iPhone up in his hands months before its release and what's so special about it.

New e-readers get a big push

Apr 13, 2009
E-readers allow users to read books digitally, but sales of the hand-held devices have grown slowly. That may be changing as Amazon and Sony, along with some well-funded start-ups, push a new generation of e-readers. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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Microsoft really wants you to use Vista

Apr 10, 2009
Microsoft will soon end support for XP in an effort to push its Vista operating system. But with many computers still running on XP and a lot of resistance to the newer system is this a good idea? Tamara Keith reports.
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